Why Does My Shiba Eat Grass?

Your Shiba Inu loves to eat grass, stopping to graze nearly every time you let her outside. Sometimes she’ll even vomit up the contents a few minutes later, leaving you a nice present to clean up! You always provide a quality diet with nutritious meals. Why on Earth does your Shiba eat grass so much?

The short answer: Your Shiba just loves to eat grass, and properly loves the taste of it. Some Shiba Inu owners even call it “Street Salad”. But let’s examine what others say about the subject!

Missing Nutrient Theory

Many biologists think dogs might look to grass because they are missing nutrients in their diets.

Many believe certain dogs will eat their own feces for the same reasons!

After all, wolves (ancestors of modern dogs) were opportunistic scavengers when they needed to be, and today’s dogs gain nutrition from plant sources as well as meat. Believe it or not, wolves would often go for several days without a meal. Any source of nutrition was better than going hungry.

Undomesticated dogs are natural omnivores when animal meat isn’t a readily available source of nutrition. Domesticated dogs might have inherited that instinct from their closer wild ancestors!

Upset Stomach Theory

Has your Shiba ever vomited in your house after chowing down on some grass? It’s possible Shibas eat grass to help ease an upset stomach. According to the American Kennel Club, there is no single aspect of grass that encourages vomiting, though.

The blades of grass might ‘tickle’ the stomach lining and throat, causing the dog to expel whatever type of nasty irritant that was causing problems.

Taste of Grass Theory

We humans would think grass tastes disgusting and probably would never resort to snacking on it. According to the American Kennel Club, about 25% of dogs eat their feces, which is something we absolutely would never think of doping! Do dogs interpret tastes differently than humans?

Whether your Shiba wants to consume a grassy feast or chomp on a few blades here or there, she probably likes the taste! After all, why would any dog, let alone a strong-willed Shiba Inu, devour something that tastes bad?

Make Sure Your Grass is Safe

If your Shiba is going to make a meal out of your lawn, harmful chemicals are the last things you want out there! Avoid using pesticides, weed killers, or other hazards either on your lawn or anywhere else your dog has access to.

Your Shiba Inu probably won’t consume anything toxic. They can usually smell any hazards beforehand. That being said, why take the risk at all? As pet lovers, we can all agree out precious little Shibas are more important than any backyard!

Conclusion: Why Do Shibas Eat Grass?

Shibas would snack on grass for the same reasons other dogs would eat it. Sadly, biologists don’t know exactly why that is. On the other hand, nearly everything a dog does has a reason, and chomping on grass probably isn’t any different!

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