Why Do Shibas Smile?

Shibas are one of the most popular dog breeds and rank 44 out of 196 in breed popularity, according to the American Kennel Club. Shibas have muscular body types and are considered medium-sized dogs. One of the most prominent characteristics of shibas is that they look like they have a smile on their face.

Today we will investigate why shibas smile and if it is for the same reason that humans smile. 

Can Dogs Really Smile?

Many dogs appear to smile when they open their mouth wide. But does this mean that they actually smile because they are happy? When dogs pull back their lips, it appears that they are smiling. But this doesn’t mean that they smile in the same way that humans do. They aren’t necessarily smiling because they are happy.

Do Dogs Smile Out of Happiness?

Like we mentioned above, dogs do not smile in the same way that humans do. However, according to research, dogs smile when they feel content or relaxed. Depending on how you look at it, feeling content or relaxed can be a synonym for feeling happy.

Dog Body Language

Paying attention to your pup’s body language is an important tool for understanding if they are safe and healthy. 


For example, if your pup is anxious, they will usually pin their ears onto their head. You can also tell if a dog is anxious is if you can see the white in their eyes. This is because they are usually attempting to look far away from whatever is making them feel anxious.


If your pup shows their teeth or growls, this usually means they are feeling scared of a potential threat. They may also back away from whatever it is they are threatened by.


If your furry friend is wagging their tail rapidly or carrying their tail higher than usual, this means they are feeling confident or excited. 


If your pup feels relaxed, they will usually have their mouth open and their tail down. They are not standing in a structured way. Instead they look comfortable and calm.


If your dog is feeling playful, their body language will be similar to how they appear when why are relaxed. But they will also have dilated pupils and be ready to jump or move.

How Do You Know If Your Dog is Happy?

While dogs don’t smile the same way humans do, when they appear to have a smile on their face, they are feeling relaxed or content. So your pup may actually be happy when they have a smile on their face. The most efficient way to tell if your furry friend is happy by looking for their body language, as we described in the previous section. In general, when dogs wag their tail, have their mouths open, or are in a relaxed pose – they are happy. 

How Can You Increase Your Dog’s Happiness?

If you are concerned about your dog’s happiness, there are a few things you can try to ensure they are feeling that extra pep in their step. You can try exercising with your dog, brushing them, or getting them a new toy. Anything that involves spending time with your furry friend will help increase their happiness. It’s important to remember that your dog is a part of your life, but you are their whole life!

According to a study from 2012, animals do have emotions. While we know that dogs do have emotions, they will show them differently from humans. Sometimes this will be their posture or the placement of their tail. Some dog breeds, such as Shibas, have facial structures that make their smiles more pronounced. As a pet parent, we know you love your furry family member more than anything. Ensuring they are happy and healthy is a huge part of having them live the longest life paw-ssible .

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