Why Do Female Dogs Cross Their Paws?

Sometimes our dogs can do some pretty strange things. For instance, have you noticed your female dog crossing her paws? If so, is she trying to be ladylike, or is there another reason she’s acting like this?

We’ve done some research and put together some information about why a female dog may cross her paws. Let’s get started!

Why Do Female Dogs Cross Their Paws?

1. Because It’s Comfortable!

Dogs are all about comfort! So, your female dog may be crossing her paws because she finds this a comfortable position to lay down. She may also be doing this to get more comfortable if she’s sitting in a place that’s not quite the right size or somehow feels uncomfortable.

Some dogs may even cross their paws when lying in the sun or when they’re lying at your feet. That’s because this position is comfortable for them.

2. Expression of Happiness & Content

Your dog may cross her paws when she feels happy and content. This is a sign that your fur baby is feeling very comfortable. She may be happy that you’re home from work, or maybe she’s lying down and crossing her feet after a nice dinner!

No matter the reason, it may be a sign your fur baby is happy and content at the moment.

3. Some Dog Breeds Cross Their Paws

Another reason your female dog is crossing her paws is because of her dog breed. Certain canine breeds are more prone to cross their paws.

This behavior seems to be more common in Poodles, Border Collies, Bulldogs, and Labs.

4. It’s a Learned Behavior

When your female dog crosses her feet, she may be doing this as a learned behavior. Your fur baby may not even be aware she’s doing it!

It’s possible your dog may have learned this position from her mother or seen it in a sibling or a canine friend. You can rest assured that if your female dog is crossing her paws, she’s completely at ease and comfortable.

5. Nervous or Sign of Submission

Another reason female dogs may cross their paws is if they feel nervous or are in submission to a dominant dog. Your dog may be trying to appear less threatening by crossing her paws in this case.

While your fur baby is crossing her paws,  you may also notice that she’s avoiding eye contact or showing other signs of feeling nervous or that she’s in submission.

Summing It Up

As you can see, there are several reasons that may cause your female dog to cross her feet. If you’re very concerned about this behavior, you may want to consider calling the vet. They may be able to offer some guidance or insight about what’s causing your dog to act like this.

If the vet is concerned, they may ask you to bring your lady dog in for a checkup. That’s OK! If there’s something wrong, it should be addressed right away.

However, in most cases, a female dog crossing her feet is normal canine behavior and nothing to worry about!

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