Why Do Female Dogs Attack Other Female Dogs In Heat?

Nothing is worse than your female dog attacking other female dogs when she’s in heat. Watching your dog become aggressive can be scary and overwhelming! We understand this can be a very frightening situation.

So, we’ve put together some information about what may cause your female dog to attack other female dogs when she’s in heat. Let’s get started!

Why is my Female Dog Fighting Other Female Dogs When She’s in Heat?

This is a very common problem between female dogs, especially if one is in heat. It’s also a difficult problem to manage when your dog’s in heat and is intent on fighting another female dog. Your fur baby may try to attack another female dog in your home or even those she encounters when out for a walk. But what’s the problem?

Hormonal Issues

One of the first issues to consider is hormonal issues in your female dog. Dogs come to maturity at different rates, depending on their breed and size. One of the most common hormonal issues is when a female dog’s in heat. Her heat and pregnancy cycles may cause her to be more aggressive than normal. The problem can erupt between two girl dogs who usually get along quite well.

However, once these issues begin, they may continue for months or longer. The fights may become over territory, resources, rank in the pack (even when there are only two dogs), or even breeding rights! This last one is especially common if there’s an intact male dog living in the same home or nearby.

Natural Conditions of Wild Canines

A pack of wild canines rarely includes two females that are close in age. It’s impossible for the dogs to live together because only one female is dominant and has breeding rights.

Now consider your household. You have two female dogs of about the same age together. This is not a natural situation for the dogs. In the wild, one of the females would be dominant while the other was subservient. The subservient dog might even choose to leave the pack with another male.

You’ve unwittingly created a social issue that would not exist in the wild.

Other Common Causes for Female Dogs to Fight

Your female dog may also fight with other female dogs for these reasons:

  • Underlying health issue(s)
  • Access to the owner (jealousy if one dog is getting more attention than the other)
  • Access to resources (food, toys, pet parents)
  • Access to “privileged” areas (doorways, windows, sleeping areas, and more)

If you’re unable to determine why the dogs are fighting, or you’re not able to stop your female dog from fighting other females, then it’s time to call the vet.

The vet can do a checkup to ensure your fur baby’s not suffering from underlying health issues. And they may recommend having your female dog spayed to avoid these issues in the future. If the vet finds your dog is healthy, they may recommend visiting a behavior modification program to see if your female dog can learn not to fight with other female dogs.

With vet care and some research, you may be able to solve this issue of your female dog attacking other female dogs!

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