Why Are Shiba Inus So Weird?

This article is going to be about why shiba inus are so weird. One of the main reasons is that they are very intelligent and independent-minded, and this has both helped them survive in the wild as well as made them difficult to train. Shibas have been used for hunting, as guard dogs, and to help people find lost objects and people.

One more reason is that they have a reputation for being stubborn, but that is not their fault.
If you train a shiba with love, it will be very obedient and hard-working, but if you try to make it do something against its nature, it will resist. This might be hard to accept at first because they have an “image” as being stubborn and wild dogs. But in truth they are not really stubborn, just independent. This means they won’t follow you around, and they won’t do anything you tell them unless they want to.
I think this was a reason why many people didn’t want to have a shiba as a pet. They thought the dog would be difficult to control and difficult to train. But I don’t think that is the reason, I don’t think this is true at all. I think this is only an “image” that people have gotten about them. But I think this is the fault of their “image-makers”.

The breed does have some quirks. The dog will try to dig any hole that it can fit its head into. It is known to have a tendency to chase its own tail, as well as anything else that may move, especially if the movement is fast. This includes other Shiba Inus, but also other animals such as rabbits or squirrels.

If you try to tell a Shiba what to do it might just refuse to listen, and if you try to force it to do something it will probably ignore you. If you want to train a Shiba Inu, you can’t just say “sit” and expect it to sit if it doesn’t feel like it. You have to get its attention, make it feel like it wants to listen to you. For example, when you tell a dog something in a very excited voice with lots of body movement, and it listens, then that is because the dog wanted to listen in the first place.

Shibas are often considered to be drama queens. Many people think that if you get a Shiba, you will have to work harder at training it.

The fact is that the vast majority of Shiba owners do not find training difficult. On the contrary. Shiba owners find their pets easier to train than more common breeds like beagles, labradors, or german shepherds.

Shiba Zoomies

Shiba Zoomies are a Shiba Inu’s natural instinct to run full speed around the house and yard. They come out of nowhere – they just can’t help themselves! Whether it’s on a walk or when you get up in the morning, your Shiba will zoomie for no apparent reason.

So Why Do They Do It?

It’s simple: Shiba zooming is an expression of pure joy. They have too much energy and excitement to hold in, so they run full speed, chasing their tail, and having a blast! It’s like when humans laugh at something silly – we can’t help but smile and giggle. Shiba inus are the same way; they can’t contain the joy they feel inside.

Other behaviors that Shiba Inus have when they zoom:

They will let out a BIG shriek of joy, similar to a laugh, as they zoom over and around their favorite tree. (Did you know that we call this behavior the “Shiba scream?”)

They will zoom-around the house before breakfast, just out of pure excitement to take care of business.

They will zoom around the neighborhood just before or after a trip to the park.

Shiba Inus are also known for their “Shiba scream” noises. Sometimes they will be happy, and sometimes they will be angry or frustrated. If you Shiba screams, then it’s a good idea to check on them right away to help them get out whatever frustration/anger is sticking inside!

Shiba Stare

This is a shiba inu’s signature stare. The shiba is one of the most ancient breeds of dogs, who have been around for more than 2,000 years. Shiba owners warn that this glare is an expression of sadness or anger. Shiba owners also say that the glare is a dog’s way of saying “I’m as cute as can be!” Shiba inu’s were first bred as hunting dogs. So shibas are often described as having a lot of personality. Shiba inus have sensitive stomachs. They will usually only eat the same brand of dog food.

A lot of shibas are very smart, but not all of them. Some owners say they are really just “too lazy to understand” what their owners are trying to teach them.
Shibas will often ignore you and stare at the other person or animal they want to pay attention to instead.

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