Vegan or Vegetarian Food For a Pet Dog?

Are you a person who strictly avoids meat and wants to feed your dog the same type of diet?

Is such an idea irresponsible? Potentially harmful?

The truth is that switching your animal to vegan or vegetarian foods raises some serious questions.

While your dog can survive without consuming meat, letting them decide what to eat would be very telling. Most canines would, of course, chose a mostly carnivorous diet.

The fact is your little guy prefers meat because they thrive on it!

Forcing vegetarianism is usually a bad idea. There should be valid justification for it.

In Rare Circumstances, Dogs Can Be Fed Vegetarian Or Even Vegan

One reason why avoiding meat would make sense is if chicken or beef consumption is proving to be unhealthy.

Your vet would need to confirm such a medical condition. Struvite crystals, for example, may develop in their urine if the dog isn’t processing meat proteins normally.

Otherwise, feeding a vegetarian diet rarely makes sense.

Factors For Furry Friends

Consider that your dog may have allergies to foods like soy, wheat and corn. Many types of nuts are also inappropriate.

Sure, some amount of fruits and veggies are excellent.

But the thing is veganism or vegetarianism is an entirely different story.

Grains and vegetables take time to be absorbed. Your dog can’t fully extract these nutrients as well as a human can.

Why is that?

The digestive process of a dog is relatively quick due to the length of their intestines.

Those are just 2 reasons why feeding a meatless diet of complex carbs is controversial.

Omnivore or Carnivore?

There is an endless debate about whether dogs are omnivores or carnivores.

The answer does not need to be complicated.

Your dog is carnivorous compared to a human, and omnivorous relative to a cat.

In any case, it is natural and more importantly highly beneficial for dogs to eat fresh meat and animal bones too!

Beliefs Versus Well-Being

Do not feed your dog a vegetarian diet based on a personal preferences or beliefs.

Decide logically, not in an emotional way.

This is such a key decision for your dog!

There are much better alternatives if you are looking for something superior to commercial dog food. Look into the raw food option!

It Is Possible, But Difficult

Imposing a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle on your dog is also not easy to pull off.

Do you know how to strike the right balance of Omega-3 versus Omega-6 fats? Too many grains means carbohydrates would be excessive.

Would your dog get enough amino acids, calcium and protein without meat?

Food is fuel. Your pet has very specific needs.

The Bottom Line

Dogs thrive on fresh meat. That’s just the way it is.

Situations do exist where a canine can require a vegan or vegetarian diet. This would be an exception, not the rule.

Your dog probably should not be nourished in this unconventional way.

Meat is almost always a must. Ethics does not factor in.

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