How To Stop Dog Barking – 7 Ways That Works On Every Breed

Undoubtedly, dogs are man’s best friend. For them, barking is a means of communication and it’s indispensable. However, sometimes, it could be a real pain when your dog barks over the head and ears. It might leave you wondering how to stop dog barking.

Let’s first understand why do dogs bark a lot…

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  1. Different Types of Dog Bark
  2. Why Do Dogs Bark?
  3. How To Stop Dog Barking?
  4. 7 ways to Stop Dog Barking

Different Types of Dog Bark

Before we proceed, we need to know the reason behind their barks and understand the distinct sounds they are making. Listening closely, you can identify the different kinds of bark sounds.

There are 3 types of common dog barks:

  • Defensive barks– These are continuous rapid barking that usually comes in loud fast bursts.
  • Play barks– These are generally shorter and high-pitched.
  • Bored and anxious barks– These are monotonous and repetitive with rising pitch.

Why Do Dogs Bark?

After reading about the different types of dog barks, let’s find out the reasons behind dog barks. According to the ASPCA, these are some of the most common reasons why a dog won’t stop barking:

  • Territorial Barking: Excessive barking can be in response to people and other animals invading their territory.
  • Alarm Barking: Barking in response to distinct noises and sighs.
  • Attention-Seeking Barking: To gain some treats, pats, cuddles, or attention from the owner. Greetings Barking: Greetings or welcome followed by a wagging tail.
  • Impelling Barking: Your dog may feel disconcerted and starts barking repetitively because of no specific reason.
  • Socially Facilitated Barking: Kind of response barking when they hear another dog barks.
  • Frustration-Induced Barking: This may be due to separation anxiety or confinement such as being separated from the owner or other dogs.

Apart from these reasons behind excessive barking of dogs, there could also be some medical problems that can cause non-stop barking. In that case, the best option is to visit a veterinarian to be sure that there are no medical complexities.

How To Stop Dog Barking?

You surely wouldn’t want your dog to completely refrain from barking, however, training them to follow your commands and stop unnecessary whining and barking would definitely be useful.

After identifying the main cause of why your dog won’t stop barking, you can choose the relevant solution accordingly.

7 ways to Stop Dog Barking

Below is the list of 7 techniques that will help your dog to calm down when barking excessively. One should give a go to all the techniques to find the best way to train their dog. Just remember, all dogs are unique and have different learning potential.

Command training

Train your dog using commands like ‘quiet’ when they are barking and wait for them to stop. Then reward them with a treat every time they stop barking after your command.

Eventually, they will understand that the command and reward that comes along with and will stop the dog barking. Try this method and you might relieve yourself with the whole ‘how to stop dog barking’ exercise.

Ignore the barking

One of the reasons why your dog must be barking can be to gain attention. To cope with this, you need to completely ignore your dog and make them realize that they won’t be rewarded any attention or pats in return.

In addition, you can always use treats to encourage good behavior.

Use white noise

If your dog gets agitated because of some specific sound or sight, you can use white noise, a loud fan, or even a soothing station on the radio to calm your dog and divert their focus.

Tire them

Your dog may be barking because they have some pent-up energy as a result of being idle all day. You can keep them busy by hiding treats in the abode and let them find them themselves.

Play some random games with them and let them do extra efforts in order to make them tire. It can be like running, stick game, jumping, etc.


You can make your dog their own cozy corner in the house by using a crate, toys, and some calm white noise to relax them.

Spray collars

A more humane alternative to shock collars can be citronella spray collars that release a spray of citronella whenever your dog barks. Most dogs find the smell unpleasant and will eventually stop barking to avoid it.

Ask Professional Advice

If nothing of the above works out, it’s time to seek professional help. Join some dog classes or enrolls in a dog training course that will help in improving your dog’s barking behavior. When nothing works out, it’s better to leave the matter to experts.

Although the above-listed techniques are very reliable, you should not expect the changes overnight.

A barking dog is often more useful than a sleeping lion.

Washington Irving

You don’t need to google all the time searching for dog barking solutions. You just need to be patient to get the desired results and have a better and closer relationship with your pooch.

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Let us know in the comments what is working out for your dogs, what all efforts are you making to calm your dog’s barking behavior.

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