How To Stop A Dog From Jumping On You In 5 Simple Ways

Dogs often jump upon you, family members and guests, and this is their normal play. However, people may be irritated and annoyed by this behavior of dogs.

Also, it can be difficult for small kids, older people, and people with disabilities. Dogs mostly jump on people to show their love and affection to them. And, most people don’t like this manner of dogs. Therefore, it is more significant and essential to teach your canine to greet and connect with people properly. 

So, if you are worried about your dogs jumping on people, we have curated some tested and proven ways to stop a dog from jumping on you and guests.

Table Of Contents
  1. Why Do Dogs Jump on People?
  2. How To Train Dogs In An Alternative Greeting Manner?
  3. 5 Ways To Stop A Dog from Jumping on You
    • 1. Discourage Your Dogs When They Act Attention Seeking
    • 2. Reward And Appreciate For Good Manners
    • 3. Adequate and Consistent Training
    • 4. Try Sit Commands
    • 5. Try Practicing With Other People
  4. What Not To Do In The Training Section Of Your Dog?
  5. Simple Tips to Stop Your Dog Jumping On Visitors

Why Do Dogs Jump on People?

Did you know dogs are attention-seeking animals?

Thus, they exhibit repeated behavior of jumping upon you that offers them your attention. Similarly, they seek attention from other family members and visitors too. Reasonably, your unfavorable reactions, such as shouting at your dog or grabbing their paws, make them jump on you.

To stop the jumping behavior of dogs for attention-seeking, you need to stop delighting them with rewards. It also means that you need to train and manage them to control their jumping habits.

You can train them with some alternative and appropriate means to greet people which we’ll discuss as you read on.

How To Train Dogs In An Alternative Greeting Manner?

If you ignore the behavior of canines when they jump, this will put you in some trouble later in the future. Thus, their jumping manner needs to be improved.

How you expect your pup to greet other people ultimately depends upon you.

Interestingly, you can teach them to keep all their 4 four paws on the floor or to sit down. Still, keep in mind that you need to train them on what to do and what not to do.

5 Ways To Stop A Dog from Jumping on You

Training your dog to stop jumping up on people is not an easy task. However, it needs patience and diligence from your side. 

Be conscious that there are procedures that you should take and avoid. Be regular and steady when you train your canines. 

1. Discourage Your Dogs When They Act Attention Seeking

There are a couple of ways to stop your dog from jumping upon you and other people. Withholding or reserving attention of your dog is a simple and easy method to start with.

As soon as your dog jumps up on you, ignore them and walk away. This method of removing yourself altogether will discourage your dog from the act of jumping up on you. Repeat the process until they stop.

2. Reward And Appreciate For Good Manners

When you train canines on stopping unwanted jumping, try giving them treats and rewards. As soon as the dogs are calm and sit with all four paws on the ground, offer them a treat. 

Appreciate your dog as well, but remember to keep things low-key as extensive care can lead them to excited jumping.

3. Adequate and Consistent Training

Adequate and regular practices make your dog behave properly. 

For example, your dog jumps up on you when you come home from outdoors or spend some time during the day. Do not get angry or scold them, just step back outdoors if it jumps up on you. Also, give them rewards when they are quiet.

4. Try Sit Commands

Teach your canine some sit commands with an aim to keep their paws on the ground. Repeat it many times until they start responding to your commands. So, whenever you come from outside, stop them from jumping using sit commands.

As soon as your four-legged companion sits, treat them with positivity and show some love towards them. Repeat this over various training sessions. With several repetitions, your dogs will start sitting as soon as you come back to your home.

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5. Try Practicing With Other People

It is vital to involve other people also in the training session of your dogs. If you don’t train your dog with other people, they may jump on other people or guests, and you might not want this.

Thus, including other people in the dog training makes your dog experience new people and their jumping habit improves while they see any outside visitors come in. This also helps them to stop barking at any visiting guests in your house.

What Not To Do In The Training Section Of Your Dog?

You may have come across several methods to train a dog not to jump on you or others, such as the knee method and leash correction. However, these methods of correcting your dog may adversely affect them. 

The improper leash corrections methods can severely harm your canines. Sometimes, dogs may interpret these acts as a play, and they will instantly jump up on you.

Simple Tips to Stop Your Dog Jumping On Visitors

You can train your pups to avoid them jumping upon visitors by offering goodies. These simple techniques will help you to make your dogs sit calmly on the floor:

  • Engage your dogs with their goodies like toys/bones before visitors enter the home.
  • Allow other persons to greet your dog only when they lie calmly on the ground.
  • After various trial sessions and training, allow your dog to greet others without jumping up.
  • Once your dog rests on the floor, let them greet and welcome the visitors before you put their treats on the floor.
  • As your dog commences to comprehend the rules and commands, feed them with delicious treats, and appreciate them for their good manners.

Final Thoughts!

Everyone loves dogs, and still, many are scared of their excessive jumping behavior. Things get worse when they start jumping on your guests. So, the simple and effective tip to benefit from these methods is, be fast with their goodies. 

Regularly watch your pets and notice their jumping behavior and timing. Your dog needs to understand the consequences of bad behavioral jumping. Remember, rewarding them with positivity is the key to fast train them.

Let us know in the comments how you’re stopping your dog from jumping unnecessarily.

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