Advice For Owners With Dogs Battling Cancer

The dreaded diagnosis shows your dog has cancer. You are not alone — many owners face this heart-breaking situation.

A 1st instinct is to try to make your pet’s life easier during this difficult time, but you can also be a little more optimistic!

Cancer does not need to be a horrible death sentence.

Treatments extend life and can certainly make your dog much more comfortable.

There are effective ways to approach it – even when surgery isn’t an option.

The Best Cancer Treatments For Dogs Involve Surgical Removal and/or Chemotherapy

Though there are other promising alternatives which we’ll cover.

First, a sad statistic:

Cancer is now the top cause of death for older dogs.

Caught Early or Not?

Detecting a tumorous disease (well in advance) is obviously how your dog has the greatest chance of survival.

But here’s the thing:

Signs of cancer can be difficult or even impossible to pick up on.

No matter the timing, (late stage or not) do not feel guilty. Your focus is now on helping your dog. Here’s how…

Alternative Treatments

Turmeric, added to your dog’s daily food, can improve a cancerous condition.

Better yet, Neoplasene is medicinal herb that’s known to greatly help dogs with cancer.

The only real downside to these is they may not be fast acting or powerful enough.

Must Get Aggressive

Ask your vet about immunotherapy tumor vaccines.

I’m serious! Read about how the University of Pennsylvania (Penn Vet) used this type of vaccine to help a dog named Kasey.

Separately, there’s an FDA-approved drug called Palladia or Tanovea-CA1.

These options are worth looking into!

Canine Cancer Cases

Cancer of the lymph nodes (lymphoma), bones, mammary glands, bladder, brain, breasts, skin and soft tissue are seen in nearly 50% of dogs over age 10.

Guess what?

There is evidence that cancer has a genetic component in animals too.

Certain breeds, such as Rottweilers, may be more prone to cancer.

Focusing on Comfort

Does your dog have an advanced form of cancer?

Perhaps you don’t want to put them through more suffering. That’s certainly understandable.

Many owners choose to skip expensive cancer surgeries and nasty radiation therapy. This may save $20,000 or more.

That’s not all.

It also allows a better focus on being with a beloved dog in their remaining days.

Comfort is essential, meaning less pain and discomfort.

Diet, Lifestyle And Lifespan

Let’s briefly talk about prevention.

A good diet and a healthy lifestyle will reduce cancer risks.

It is absolutely true!

You see, the food that you feed is a huge factor. It may or may not be contributing to cancer.

Also, don’t underestimate a need for your dog to have routine teeth cleaning done.

But here’s something that’s overlooked:

Perhaps the biggest reason why more dogs are getting cancer is simply because they are living longer.

The Bottom Line

Humans and dogs are treated for cancer in very similar ways. Besides surgery, Chemo remains a common yet unpleasant approach.

The prognosis is usually good if your dog’s cancer was diagnosed early.

Be sure to look into the latest treatments that we’ve covered here. Be vigilant!

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