Does Your Dog Have Bad Gas? How to Address Awful Odors!

Dogs can have downright deadly smelling gas.

Are you frustrated by your furry friend’s frequent flatulence? Want a solution to the stink bombs?

Good news!

Making adjustments to what your dog eats could be the fix. It is likely a gut health issue.

Fermentation, in particular, may be what is causing those ferocious fumes (more on this later).

In all seriousness, a canine “cutting the cheese” can be handled.

Try a Diet Change or Probiotic For Your Dog’s Smelly Farts

Tums or even Gas-X can be a temporary quick fix, but medications aren’t the best or safest approach.

Tackle the real reason for the rancid smells.

How to go about doing that is pretty straightforward. Here is a little secret that lots of pet parents overlook…

A dog’s poor digestion is the most common cause of awful gas. 

The key is to address the issues behind a buddy’s bad digestion!

Medical Issue or DNA?

There is a condition called Malassimilation and it occurs in dogs too. It basically means the gastrointestinal tract is not properly taking up nutrients.

Such a situation is, thankfully, rare — it is highly unlikely a factor for Fido’s ferocious flatulence.

So, what’s next?

You’ve got to rule out genetically inclined gassiness!

Let’s elaborate…

Elwood Vet rightfully points out that Brachycephalic dog breeds (AKA short-faced canines), “swallow air, which can contribute to wicked flatulence.

Have a Pug, Shih Tzu, Pekingese, Boxer or Bulldog? They tend to be more gassy than other dogs.

If not, the focus logically becomes: What’s for dinner!

Diet Can Trigger Gas

Certain foods are linked to dogs having increased or uncontrolled flatulence:

  • Pretty much all types of beans (including soybeans)
  • Peas as well
  • Milk (all dairy)
  • Anything very high in fiber
  • Fruits in general
  • Foods high in sugar

Feeding these can cause quite a stink!

Why is that?

Bacteria in these types of foods will begin to ferment in your dog’s stomach.

Such a scenario could definitely be causing the bad gas!

A diet evaluation is a must. Low quality dog food is a common culprit for frequent farting.

Consider The Canine Chow

There are cheap ingredients (that manufacturers sneak in) which cannot be easily digested.

Desirable dog food is low in carbs, high in protein and not over-processed.

Still seeking solutions?

Gut Health And Bacteria

Look into these probiotic soft chews.

Live bacteria supplements as well as prebiotics can absolutely restore digestive health.

The end result: Your dog could have much less gas! — it’s a true long-term fix for flatulence.

Be sure to read more about probiotics.

The Bottom Line

Do an assessment of your dog’s diet when breaking wind becomes bothersome.

And, if necessary, eliminate certain human treats or shared favorites.

A dog food upgrade or brand change often makes sense. Also try a quality pet probiotic for an irritable bowel (and the associated smells).

Avoid, as much as possible, using human meds when a pet dog gets gassy.

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