How To File Your Dog’s Nails Instead of Clipping

Dogs have their nails trimmed regularly when they are puppies, so they learn not to be afraid of the clippers.

I’ve clipped so many dog nails now, that I can do all four paws in under a minute. Our girls are well behaved during most grooming procedures.

They don’t bite or try to pull away, but I know some dogs do.

Certain dogs can even be traumatized by nail clippers, making the nail cutting process highly stressful to the dog and the pet owner or groomer.

Can You File Dog Nails?

Yes, in fact it might be a better option instead of clipping, and you want to do it when the tips become sharp, and ragged (looking like they could catch on carpet or a shirt).

If you do clip your dog’s nails, you can file them to prevent the nail from cracking when clipping or cutting the quick.

Using a Dog Nail File

If your dog is not as well behaved as my dogs while having his paws groomed, you may want to try a dog nail file, like some of my favorites I mention below.

A dog nail file looks like this:

Using a dog nail file instead of nail clippers reduces the peeling and splitting of your pet’s nails. Some double-sided nail files for dogs were designed by dog care and nail experts.

Some can even be made from crystal glass, like these from Dog Fashion Spa, which is a superior material that is used to make the finest nail files in the world.

It is a non-porous material so it doesn’t absorb water and can be 100 percent sanitized. They all also dishwasher safe.

The best thing about a grooming tool like dog nail file is that it is guaranteed to last forever. It won’t wear down over time, no matter how much you use it. Most companies will recommend that you file your dog’s nails once a week.

Whether that crystal glass nail file or some other type, they will come with a convenient protective case to keep it from getting broken.

Most dog nail file types are about 6.5 inches long and made in Europe or USA.

My 3 Favorite Nail Files for Dogs

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How To File Dog Nails

Many dog owners who don’t feel comfortable clipping their pet’s nails will use a file instead.

I usually clip my dogs’ nails and then file down the sharp edges using either a nail file or a dog nail grinder like Dremel.

It takes longer to file dogs nails than it does to clip them, but I know many people aren’t comfortable clipping because they are afraid they’ll cut the quick.

You can also use a nail grinder like I do, which essentially does the same thing as a file; it’s just a round nail file that spins mechanically so it files nails faster than doing it by hand.

You can buy most nail files for dogs for about $7-15, which sounds like a lot for a nail file, but remember that these will last forever.

Crystal nail files like those from Dog Fashion Spa will be more expensive, but as long as you don’t drop it, you should be able to use that file throughout the life of your pet.

You could buy this file now and use it for every dog you’ll ever have. That’s not a bad investment for just $15.

How To File Dog Nails: Summary

It may sound more tedious but filing a dog’s nails is a much safer option for you and your dog.

It protects their quick, it keeps the nail from fracturing, it’s quieter than using a nail clip or a nail grinder.

They also might put up much less resistance when you are using a dog nail filer.

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