How to Keep Pets Safe on the 4th of July

As the 4th of July quickly approaches, you may be wondering how the holiday will impact your pet. The 4th of July is a particularly dangerous holiday for pets, due to the hazardous substances used in fireworks, as well as the fear that fireworks often invoke in pets. In fact, many shelters state that July 5th is their busiest day due to the number of pets that get lost on the 4th of July. It is important to understand the ways that you can keep pets safe on the 4th of July in order to prevent harm to your beloved pet. Here are a few of the best ways to keep pets safe on the 4th of July.

Keep them Indoors

Even if your pet is used to being outdoors, it is important to keep them indoors over the 4th of July. Otherwise, they can become frightened from fireworks and get loose from your yard. Many pets become lost over the 4th of July. When you keep them indoors, you can help to ensure that they are in a safe, secure location. This can go a long way toward keeping them safe throughout the holiday.

Be Careful About Products you Use

If you’re having a BBQ outside, it is likely that your pet will want to be outside with you! Ensure that you always know where they are if this is the case. It is similarly important to never use products specifically designed for humans on your pets. Even if you think you are helping, spraying insect repellant that isn’t designed for dogs on your dog can cause a substantial amount of harm. The same thing applies to sunscreen. Products that are safe for humans can be toxic and dangerous for pets.

Keep them away from your Drinks

Always keep an eye on your drink and don’t put it anywhere that a pet may have access to it. Alcohol is toxic for pets. This includes beer! You should also refrain from giving your pets food from your plate. Many of the common 4th of July foods, like onion blossoms, can be detrimental to your pet’s health. Consider keeping healthy treats on hand to help your pet feel like they are being included, without feeding them from your own plate!

Don’t Bring them to a Fireworks Display

Some people think that their pet will feel more at ease if they can see the source of the noise that is frightening them. This is rarely the case. They will often be just as stressed, even if they can see that the fireworks are causing the sound. In addition, bringing them to a fireworks display will cause them to be in a crowded, unfamiliar place, which can simply exacerbate their anxiety. If you are going out to a fireworks display, you should leave your pets at home, where they will be safe. Don’t think that you can just leave them in the car during the fireworks display, either. July is often the hottest time of the year, which can cause your dog to develop heat stroke and other similar problems.

Make Sure they Can Be Identified

Though you may have taken steps to keep your pet secured over the 4th of July, it is still possible that they will find some way to escape. This can lead to pets becoming lost. It is crucial to ensure that your pet can be identified during this scenario. You may want to consider having them microchipped. You will also want to ensure that they are wearing a collar that has ID tags with your contact information. Make sure that you have a recent picture of them, in case you need to put up flyers.

Keep Away from Glowsticks

A glowstick necklace may certainly look cute on your pet, but you should never put this jewelry near them! They may chew on the glowstick or the glowstick might simply break, giving them access to the internal contents. The chemicals inside of glowsticks are toxic and need to be kept away from your animals.

Never Use Fireworks Around Them

Fireworks should never be used around pets or children. They can cause injury in individuals that don’t know to be careful around them. If you use fireworks around your pets, you can cause them to become injured in addition to being frightened.

Keep Track of Hazardous Substances

Even unlit fireworks can be dangerous for your pets! There are many chemicals and various substances around during the 4th of July that can be toxic and dangerous for your pets. Keep them away from fireworks, matches, and lighter fluid.

Exercise Early in the Day

Take them for an extra walk earlier in the day on the 4th of July. Just like with humans, exercise is a great way to reduce stress levels. If they are tired beforehand, it will be easier for them to relax when the 4th of July festivities start up!

Turn on the TV

Only use this method if they are used to sound coming from the TV. Turning on the TV can help to muffle the more unfamiliar sound of the fireworks, without causing unnecessary anxiety. You may also use music to accomplish the same thing.

Signs that your Dog is Stressed from Fireworks

Learn the signs that your pet is feeling stressed from fireworks. This is extremely common in pets that have noise aversion or are particularly sensitive to sounds. Common signs of stress in pets include pacing, panting, shaking, whining, and trying to hide in more secluded locations.

Preparation can go a long way toward keeping your pet safe this 4th of July! Don’t let your pet be added to the number of pets that become lost or injured during July 4th festivities. Keep them inside and away from fireworks. To learn more about the best steps to take to keep pets safe over the 4th of July, contact our experienced team at Borrett Animal Hospital today!

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