7 Easy Home Remedies On How To Get Rid Of Dog Smell In House

We all adore dogs but are hesitant to let our houses smell fouly, right? 

Discarding the musty dog smell from the house can be quite a difficult task to perform. The air, carpets in our home absorb the foul smell and may be very complicated to remove. In addition, the visitors may get exhausted by this smell, so we need to work on some tips and tricks to get rid of the pooch pong in the house.

In this post, you’ll learn about why dogs smell bad and how to get rid of dog smell in the house. So, just sit back and continue reading. 

Table Of Contents
  1. Why Do Dogs Smell Bad?
  2. 5 Common Reasons Your Dog Smelling Bad
  3. 7 Ways On How To Get Rid Of Dog Smell In The House
    • 1. Wash Your Dog Bed Regularly
    • 2. Groom Your Dogs
    • 3. Use Pet-friendly Air Purifiers and Air Fresheners
    • 4. Clean All Surfaces
    • 5. Detect Dog-Smelly Spots
    • 6. Buy a New Dog Collar
    • 7. Wipe and Dry Dogs

Why Do Dogs Smell Bad?

Every canine is uniquely proud of its scent. It marks its identity and uniqueness in the world. It often identifies things, places, and people through smell. 

Like humans, canines have oily skin, stinky breath, sweat, saliva, and ear wax build-up. Thus, dog odors get absorbed in the air and other materials in the house. A riveting fact about dogs is they sweat through their feet!

5 Common Reasons Your Dog Smelling Bad

  • Your Dog is dirty: This is one of the most common reasons why dogs smell bad. Because when they return from the park or playgrounds, their fur and body often get dirty.
  • Dog Diet: The dog diet plays an important role behind stinking smell of dogs. If their stomach is upset, this can also lead them to fart all around the house.
  • Excessive Drooling: Some dog breeds drool a lot. They leave their saliva on carpets, floors, and wherever they roll on. Their bad breath can also be a reason for the foul dog smell in your house.
  • Your Dog Is Sick: If your Dog has any wounds, cuts, or infections, it will smell bad. As a dog owner, you need to treat them and consult your vet if their illness goes bad.
  • Your Dog Is Unable To Poop: If your dog finds it hard to poop easily, it’s a sign that they need help. Blockage of poop can result in farts and gas in dogs and also lead to upset stomachs.

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7 Ways On How To Get Rid Of Dog Smell In The House

There are various simple, tricky ways to get rid of the dog smell in the house. We know how you are dealing from the musty dog smell.

So, our expert home remedies will not fail to discard the odors from your living space.

So, below are the 7 simple home remedies to eliminate dog smell:

1. Wash Your Dog Bed Regularly

Regular washing of the dog bed makes it odor-resistant and clean. Dog beds are easily washable, and you can remove the washable cover and put it into the washing machine. Since if the dog bed has a thick bed cover, then the odor will not get absorbed inside the dog bed. 

Also, washing everything in the house every week is beneficial. If your dog jumps or sits in your costly furniture, clean them often. Wash their toys, blankets, food bowl, etc. When cleaning ‘doggy’ things, you can put a little apple cider vinegar or distilled white vinegar to the washing detergent as vinegar aids to neutralize doggy smells.

2. Groom Your Dogs

Regular brushing your dog keeps the odors away. So, groom your pups regularly, and instead of bathing them, keep their fur and hair clean without washing out their essential oils. Experts say that regular bathing causes infection and skin inflammation in dogs.

Also, clean the ears and teeth of the dogs. Odors often do not just come from the fur; they may also originate from ears or teeth. Therefore, it is inevitable to check these body parts and visit your vet if there is any suspicious smell or spot.

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3. Use Pet-friendly Air Purifiers and Air Fresheners

Air purifiers can eliminate dog odors from the house and sanitize the air. Using pet-friendly air fresheners, you can introduce amazing smells to your living space.

Open your windows and let some fresh air in your space. Keep your windows open daily and let your house be filled with some fresh air. You can also use pleasant-smelling incense, scented candles, or pet-friendly air fresheners to make your house smell heavenly. However, do not attempt to spray the dog!

4. Clean All Surfaces

Clean all surfaces that your dog usually sits on floors, carpets, furniture, etc. Mop the floor with a detergent cleaner with a pleasant smell. Also, vacuum clean all the carpets in the house. Try to completely dry all carpets before allowing your dog to get back onto them again.

In addition, you need to regularly repeat the vacuum and cleaning process so that you can thoroughly eliminate dog’s hair, dirt, and dander from them.

5. Detect Dog-Smelly Spots

Even though you have washed everything and still there is a lingering smell, you need to detect that super-smelly spot in your house. It may be because your canines were soiled there in the past. 

You may have to find out the smelling areas by sniffing the floor closely. However, now you know where the remaining doggy smell is coming from, then purchase an odor-repellent cleaner. Or, if you don’t want to buy an odor-repellent, here is a quick way to make it at home. 

Just make an odor neutralizer by adding two cups of white vinegar, four tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda, and enough water and fill it in a spray bottle. Your homemade odor neutralizer is ready! Test the neutralizer and spray it on the smelly spots on the floor, rugs, carpets, etc. Ensure that it is not decolorizing the home items. 

In addition, the bicarbonate of soda can aid in neutralizing odors. So, place an open container of bicarbonate of soda near their toys or bed. It is also safe and beneficial to sprinkle some bicarbonate solution on rugs and leave it overnight.

6. Buy a New Dog Collar

Stinky odors can also come from dog collars. Whenever your dog sweat or salivate, it may get trapped in its collars and cause dog odor. Your canine’s collar may smell exhausted, and wash it off regularly and dry well. Mostly, dog collars are washable. However, if it is old, buy a new one.

Moreover, buy new sets of toys, carpets, and blankets if it is contended with a stinky smell.

7. Wipe and Dry Dogs

Always dry and pat dog paws well. Make sure to use a wet-absorbent rug and towel and pat your dog’s paws when they come into the house every time.

After bathing or your dog got wet, make sure to drain thoroughly to discard that canine odor from staining your rugs, floor mats, and furniture.

Final Thoughts

If you have a canine at your home, you may be aware of the moldy odor that can haunt your house. It’s nearly difficult to get around that problem unless you have a teeny tiny canine breed.

Well, if you have a canine, or did in the past, then you know how many distinct odors our little four-legged companions discharge. The overwhelming canine smell should be discarded and controlled. Otherwise, your house will become a source of a musty odor. 

Your house would be so much cleaner if you follow the home remedies shared above. 

Let us know in the comments how you are dealing with bad dog smell in your house!

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