How To Firm Up Dog Poop Naturally – 7 Effective Home Remedies

How do I firm up my dog’s stool?
To firm and hard your dog’s stool, you can try changing your dog’s daily diet. Include more rich-fiber meals, canned pumpkin, boiled rice, and eggs to your pet’s meal. Avoid feeding oils to your dog as they make digestion difficult for them.

Seeing your dog passing firm and soft stools can worry any dog owner. Not only the liquid poop smells gross, but it is also harder to pick and clean. Watery poop is not an emergency and not a reason for concern, as dogs often treat themselves independently.

If your dog is passing watery stools, it might be due to his bad stomach health or anxiety issues. With proper taking care of your dog’s meal and diet, you can easily fix your dog’s liquid stools.

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Table Of Contents
  1. Why Is My Dog Passing Watery Stools?
  2. The Difference Between Firm Stools And Diarrhea In Dogs
  3. How To Firm Up Dog Poop Naturally?
    • 1. Ensure High-Quality Fiber Diet
    • 2. Serve Canned Pumpkin To Your Dog
    • 3. Feed Dry Food To Your Dog
    • 4. Avoid Fatty-Acids And Oily Foods
    • 5. Avoid Feeding Dairy Products
    • 6. Provide Your Dog Fresh Water
    • 7. Consult Your Veterinarian
  4. What To Give Dogs With Loose Stools?
  5. When Does Puppy Poop Become Solid?
  6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    • Why My Dog’s Poop Gets Softer As Day Goes On?
    • What Can I Feed My Dog To Firm Up His Stool?
    • How To Make Dogs Poop Harder and Bulkier?
    • Why Is My Dog’s Poop Always Soft, Watery and Mushy?
    • How To Harden Dog Poop To Pick It Up?

Why Is My Dog Passing Watery Stools?

Dogs’ watery stools are caused by a flawed digestive system or an upset stomach. When a dog consumes a meal that is not good for his health, he usually suffers from diarrhea, constipation, or pass liquid poop. Knowing the main reasons that leads to bad poop can help you greatly in providing the treatment. There are 3 main causes why a dog passes watery stools:

Bad Meals Or Overfeeding

The most common reason behind your dog’s liquid poop can be because of their lousy diet or meal. If they’ve eaten something wrong which is hard for them to digest, they’ll start pooping badly. It’s important to take a closer look at your dog’s daily diet and provide them the food which is good for their health. Also, if you’re overfeeding your dog compared to their regular intake, it may also lead to firm stools.

Anxiety And Stress

Some dogs also experience stomach and digestive problems due to anxiety and stress. Many young puppies often show a mental anxiety state that sometimes leads to soft stools.

Many factors can lead to stress in dogs, such as relocating to a new house, spaying, loneliness, etc. If your dog is passing soft stools, then it’s a good idea to check your dog’s stress level. Closely observe him and reduce their stress-related activities and see if their stool is hardening or not.

Any Underlying Stomach Problem

Dogs who suffer from chronic diseases can pass soft stools due to pain and discomfort. Illness weakens the dog’s digestive and immune system, making it hard for them to make the most out of their food. If your dog is also suffering from any underlying stomach problem, it’s best to consult with your vet.

The Difference Between Firm Stools And Diarrhea In Dogs

A dog’s poop is a great indicator to determine a dog’s health. If a dog is passing hard, bulky and solid poop, it means they’re in good health. On the other hand, if a dog is passing liquid, watery and firm stools, it might mean the dog is suffering from stomach disease.

In diarrhea, a dog’s poop becomes watery and liquid and becomes hard to pick up. It’s an actual condition of their bad health problem and should be treated immediately. While a firm stool is still liquid and watery, it has some solid components, making it easier to pick up and clean.

While firm stools in dogs are not an emergency to concern, however, if diarrhea stays for long, a proper veterinarian checkup is required for the treatment.

How To Firm Up Dog Poop Naturally?

Dogs do not suffer from liquid stools that often, but when they do, owners find it hard to understand how to make their poop firmer and harder. Mainly an upset stomach or lousy meal leads to watery poop in dogs. Here are 7 effective home remedies to firm up your dog’s stool or poop:

1. Ensure High-Quality Fiber Diet

Rich-fiber foods are very vital for a dog’s diet. Fiber not only aids in digestion but also improves their metabolism rate. Dogs require a lot of fiber to keep themselves fit and charged as per their daily routines.

Adding fiber to your dog’s diet can help harden their stool with lesser watery poop. It also helps regulate your dog’s bowel movements and keep them away from often stomach pains. Many fiber-food supplements are available in the market that can boost your dog’s diet and health.

2. Serve Canned Pumpkin To Your Dog

One of the most effective methods to firm your dog’s stool/poop is to feed them with canned pumpkins. A pumpkin is a natural source of fiber that can provide relief to your dog’s upset stomach.

You can start adding mashed pumpkin to your dog’s diet, which will improve their digestive system. Pumpkin is also a great source of beta-carotene, which helps in improving heart diseases, regulating the blood system, and reducing osteoarthritis.

3. Feed Dry Food To Your Dog

If your dog’s stool is watery most of the time, there might be a possibility that you’re treating him with a lot of wet meals. Liquid meals have high moisture that leads to watery stools.

Switching to kibble or dry food can significantly reduce the volume of a dog’s poop and make it firmer. However, it’s important to change their diet gradually without doing much hurry. Slowly add the dry foods to their existing meals over the course of 4-5 days. It will ensure their digestive system gets enough time to adapt and function accordingly.

4. Avoid Fatty-Acids And Oily Foods

Decreasing fatty and oily foods from your dog’s diet can significantly improve their digestive system and prevent them from acquiring diarrhea. If your dog is passing liquid stool, oily food will only escalate their condition.

While cooking your dog’s meals, try limiting the usage of fried or oily food. Oil makes a hard layer on the dog’s intestine, making it difficult to digest the food properly and often leads to watery stools. Also, fatty oils are hard to digest for dogs compared to humans.

5. Avoid Feeding Dairy Products

Most dog breeds are lactose-intolerant and sensitive to milk products, but it’s not harmful for them to consume dairy products. Young and newborn puppies can easily feed on their mother’s milk, but dairy foods are hard to digest for adult dogs. When dogs grow adults, breaking down dairy products is hard for their digestive system and, undigested milk sugars can lead to watery stool in dogs.

6. Provide Your Dog Fresh Water

Drinking unclean water from unknown sources can lead to a dozen stomach issues in dogs, such as diarrhea, constipation, and upset stomach. If your dog is passing on liquid stools, look out for the sources they are using to consume water.

It’s critical to provide fresh and clean water to the dog, especially when they’re suffering from liquid stools. Regular intake of water will prevent them from getting dehydration. Also, try to clean their food bowl regularly to avoid the growth of bacteria and parasites on left-over food.

7. Consult Your Veterinarian

Dog’s liquid stool is not a recurring condition in dogs and may happen once or twice a month. However, if your dog is passing watery poop on a regular basis, you should try to consult your veterinarian.

Your vet will examine their stomach and ask you about their diet to find the root cause of their condition. You can also take your dog’s stool sample to the vet for inspection. Majorly, your vet will suggest you to make proper diet changes to your dog’s diet.

What To Give Dogs With Loose Stools?

Often, dogs cure their stomach problems on their own without any external support. However, if you see them passing loose stool, you can provide them with a healthy diet to harden their stool. So, which foods can help tight a dog’s stool?

7 healthy foods to feed dogs with loose stools:

  1. Boiled canned pumpkin
  2. Boiled white rice
  3. Boiled and mashed potatoes
  4. Oats or barley
  5. Probiotics
  6. Egg or Chicken (without oil)
  7. High-quality cereal products

When Does Puppy Poop Become Solid?

The poop of a young puppy is soft and firm because they only drink milk after their birth. A puppy’s poop becomes solid when they turn 6-8 weeks old and start eating proper solid foods. When puppies develop the habit of chewing and digesting solid food, they eventually begin passing harder stools.

To introduce solid foods to your puppy’s diet, you should wait for at least 6-8 weeks. Gradually feed them with solid meals, providing them nutrition and other healthy ingredients. If your puppy refuses to eat meals, consult your vet for the necessary steps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are a few commonly asked questions about a dog’s soft stools and loose poop condition.

Why My Dog’s Poop Gets Softer As Day Goes On?

A common reason your dog’s poop is getting softer at the end of the day is that you might be overfeeding them. As the day ends, your dog’s stomach is full of food, and it’s unable to function appropriately, causing loose stools.

What Can I Feed My Dog To Firm Up His Stool?

To observe firms stools in your dog, try feeding them canned pumpkin, boiled rice and barley, eggs, and chicken. Make sure not to use any oil or fatty ingredients in your dog’s meals.

How To Make Dogs Poop Harder and Bulkier?

To make your dog’s poop harder, solid and bulkier, feed them with a proper diet and less watery meals. You can also start serving them with fiber supplements to harden their poop. Start reducing their anxiety and stress levels to prevent them from pooping loose stools.

Why Is My Dog’s Poop Always Soft, Watery and Mushy?

If your dog has loose, watery or soft stools, it may be a sign that they’ve started eating something that is not good for their digestive system. To prevent soft stools, owners should monitor their dog’s meals regularly. If your dog’s poop has turned soft or mushy suddenly, look out for the last meal your pet has eaten.

How To Harden Dog Poop To Pick It Up?

To pick the watery and soft poop of your dog, try to freeze the stool using air compressors or clean it with tissue wipes. Spray the area with disinfectants or sanitizer to kill the left behind viruses and bacteria. Always wash your hands after cleaning your dog’s poop.

Final Thoughts

Seeing your dog passing soft and firm stools is not an emergency. Dog’s often go through upset stomachs, mainly due to eating something wrong or indigestible. You can easily fix their poop by providing them nutritious and fiber food, which will make their poop harder. In case your dog’s health deteriorates due to firm stools, always visit your vet for the proper inspection.

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