Read This Before Giving Your Dog Gravy!

Most dogs love to lap up delicious gravy, but should this be allowed?

To share or not to share, that is the question!

Whether your dog should get to partake depends on what’s actually in the gravy and how much you plan on feeding them.

A Small Amount of Gravy is OK For Dogs

But let’s go into more detail regarding the key considerations.

Gravy Can Be Too Rich

Obviously there are many different types of gravy.

What you should know is this:

Any kind of extremely rich gravy (fatty) is not recommended for your dog.

Want to minimize mishaps? Avoid doggie diarrhea? Pancreatitis?

Make a homemade turkey or chicken or beef gravy, but do it without a lot of fat.

Light is right!

That’s not all though…

You Must Hold The Salt

Do not feed your dog meat sauces (any food really) that have high levels of sodium.

Bad idea!

Sharing is not caring. This means no off-the-shelf canned supermarket gravy.

A tiny amount is likely nothing to worry about. But just know that extra salty is just plain unhealthy for dogs. It’s also a poor feeding habit to get into.

Garlic, Onions And Others

Sharing with a dog could also be risky in other ways.

Why is that?

The following are common gravy ingredients:

  • Garlic (sometimes toxic for dogs)
  • Onions (Hemolytic anemia is possible)
  • Cinnamon (Not dangerous, but not a great choice for canines)

Play it safe. Make your gravy, brown or otherwise, without these particular foods.

It is time to stress something else (big picture):

The goal is to keep your dog’s diet simple. Scrutinize that gravy!

Perfect Pooch Portions?

Reserve a modest helping of gravy for your dog to enjoy.

Want a decent idea?

Go with a small serving size poured over top of regular dog food.

For special events, Thanksgiving for example, there tends to be lots of leftovers – including gravy. Do the right thing in these situations. Don’t let Fido go to town!

Diarrhea and Vomiting

Follow our advice and there likely won’t be gravy-related gastro (stomach) upset.

It is easy to prevent a pet from unnecessarily puking and/or experiencing loose stools.

Again, here’s the game plan:

No mass produced human gravy, be conservative and be choosy for a canine.

The Gravy in Dog Foods

Meat gravy is, of course, included in wet pet food recipes.

This topic can’t be properly covered without mentioning that glaring fact!

Just go with quality and something with balanced nutrition.

Note: You can also pour some gravy onto dry dog food.

The Bottom Line

You can give your dog a bit of gravy. Doing so won’t necessarily be harmful.

To be clear, this does not have to be a terrible idea especially if you prepare a gravy recipe.

In any case, no preservatives or other questionable ingredients. Those are definite no-no’s for your dog when it comes to gravy.

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