Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes?

Tomatoes are an essential part of our diets but can our dogs actually eat them? Well, we all have our favorite foods and just like us, dogs have their favorites too. As dog owners, we do our best to provide a healthy diet for our fur babies however forbidden foods are always quite tempting. Tomatoes, a fruit that is loved for its taste, attractive bright red color and smell is always a topic that is up for discussion when it comes to our dog’s diet, as it does have its positive and negative effects. Here are a few guidelines and answers to your questions.

Are tomatoes forbidden fruit for dogs to eat?

No, tomatoes are not forbidden fruit for dogs to eat; however, there are side effects that stem from certain toxins that can be harmful to dogs. Toxins such as alkaloid solanine are found in green tomatoes, their stems, and leaves so, when eaten by dogs it can cause discomfort. 

The levels of alkaloid solanine in tomatoes differ, with green tomatoes being more toxic than ripe ones. Although solanine poisoning is rare in dogs, you should consult your veterinarian if your dog consumes an excessive amount of green tomatoes, and begins to show symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, an irregular heartbeat, or tremors. These symptoms are all treatable when dealt with in a prompt manner.

Sometimes dogs do have allergic reactions to tomatoes which occur very rarely, however, if you do suspect an allergy to tomatoes, you should consult your veterinarian. Shortness of breath, coughing, and itchy rashes are some of the allergies associated with tomatoes.

If the proper precautions are taken when giving your dog tomatoes to eat, then it’s safe to say that this juicy fruit can be thoroughly enjoyed.

How can dogs benefit from eating tomatoes?

Tomatoes are a healthy fruit that is nutrient-rich, aiding dogs to optimal health. Obesity is a problem in some dogs so finding foods that are packed with vitamins yet low in calories is difficult. The benefits associated with dogs eating tomatoes are very rewarding.  Tomatoes are a vitamin and mineral enriched low-calorie fruit that has many beneficial contributions to your dog’s health, so giving your dog tomatoes to eat in moderation will have beneficial health factors that are required in a dog’s daily diet. 

Tomatoes provide a good source of vitamins A, C, and K as well as minerals. Here are some of the health benefits that your dog can enjoy:

  • Vitamin A – an essential vitamin in a dog’s diet to maintain proper nerve and muscle function.
  • Vitamin C – an important antioxidant that aids in reducing inflammation and cognitive aging.
  • Vitamin K – acts as an anticoagulant.
  • Potassium – helps improve blood pressure and muscle health.
  • Lycopene – for heart health.
  • Folic Acid – contributes to normal metabolic function and red blood cell production.

So those are the many benefits that dogs can get from eating tomatoes. Just remember that moderation is key, especially if your dog enjoys eating tomatoes. Always make sure to give your dog ripe tomatoes that are free from stems and leaves.

Can dogs rat tomato sauce

The sweet tangy taste of tomato sauce is tempting and just like us, dogs love it too. As dog owners, we are well aware that our fur babies love to join us at the dinner table.  Whether it’s just to keep guard of that juicy steak or, if it is to get a little peek at that delicious spaghetti sauce is debatable. However, rules are rules so there’s no such thing as a midweek treat, but a little tomato sauce wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Small amounts of tomato sauce would not cause any harm to dogs, however, a dog should never eat big amounts of it. Although the main ingredient in tomato sauce is tomatoes, it is not healthy for dogs to eat, as it contains excessive amounts of salt, sugar, onion, garlic, and artificial flavors. Too much of it can be toxic, so it should be avoided as it adds no value to a dog’s diet. There are no health benefits to tomato sauce so dogs should not eat it as part of their diet. The occasional lick of that oh-so-delicious tomato sauce that your dog steals when nobody is looking can be overlooked, but that’s as far as it goes.

Your dog’s health is of optimal importance therefore anything that is of no benefit to your dog’s health should be eliminated! So we have to say goodbye to that spoon licking tomato sauce.

Does ready to eat dog food have tomatoes?

Yes, most ready-to-eat dog food does have tomatoes. It is mostly the skin, seeds, and pulp of the tomato that is used in dog food. If you read the ingredients in dog food, you will come across an ingredient called tomato pomace which is made up by crushing the skin, seeds, and pulp of the tomato. Tomato pomace is added to dog food to aid in healthy digestion and regular bowel movements, as it contains a significant amount of soluble fiber which is recommended for their diet. Cholesterol and blood sugar levels are better managed with the right amounts of soluble fiber.

Although the amounts of soluble fiber are high in tomato pomace, the nutritional value will depend entirely on the quality of the tomatoes that are used. Organic tomatoes are free of pesticides and insecticides making them a healthier source of tomatoes that should be used in dog food.

Some dogs already have existing medical conditions that include allergies that can be aggravated by tomatoes, so it’s best to consult your vet before giving your dog any food that you are not sure of. Always remember the color codes when it comes to tomatoes… Red is YES and Green is NO!

Okay, so now that we have answered the relevant questions, and brought about awareness to the does and don’ts surrounding the subject of whether or not dogs can eat tomatoes, I think that we all deserve a treat. 

Tomatoes anyone?

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