Can Dogs Eat Rice Crispy Treats?

Our dogs are the most protective, kind-hearted, and loyal companions. Their unconditional love is unmatched and worth everything. They always got our backs, even in sticky situations.

As such, we want to return this love by protecting them. We want our pups to feel our warmth by keeping them safe and healthy. With that, we are cautious about what we feed them. Our dogs’ health is our utmost priority, and we can’t afford to take the risk.

You might be curious, can dogs eat rice crispy treats? Well, let’s find out!

What are in Rice Crispy Treats?

Rice crispy treats are a popular snack made from traditional rice crispy cereals bound together with marshmallows and/or margarine. For many people, this has become a staple snack.

This treat is made from several ingredients. Some may contain variations, but the base components are:

  • Rice
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Marshmallow
  • Malt Flavoring
  • Vitamins

There are several types of rice crispy treats on the market today. Each has its unique flavor and texture. Moreover, how-to-make guides on the internet modify these ingredients for more delicious and healthier rice crispy treats.

Can dogs eat rice crispy treats?

Yes, dogs can eat rice crispy treats and it is generally safe for them—but it is not advisable.

Plain rice crispy treats are a harmless treat for your dog. None of its ingredients is exactly dangerous to your pup if moderated. This snack is made from rice cereals that include protein, don’t contain cholesterol, and are low in fat. Furthermore, marshmallows are also typically not toxic for your dog either.

However, rice crispy treats are not recommended for dogs simply because they are not made for them. Canines don’t have teeth designed to chew snacks like these. These treats could be filled with sugar and other ingredients that make them unsafe for your dog.

In addition, these are snacks intended to be given as treats and not a meal substitute.

Are rice crispy treats healthy for dogs?

Rice crispy treats are more of a safe treat than nutritious. Nonetheless, your dog can still enjoy the following benefits of this treat.

Low-Fat Content

A 22-gram serving of rice crispy treats contains only 2 grams of total fat. Assuming that you will be sharing only a bite of this treat with your pup, this is close to insignificant. 

So you should not worry as much about your pup ingesting too much fat as long as you regulate how much you will be giving them.

Low Calorie

Calorie provides your dog energy for their daily activities. In moderation, your dog can enjoy this treat without thinking about excess calories. However, excess of it will make your pup gain weight.

Plain rice crispy treats contain considerably low calories and can be burned quickly through your dog’s regular activities and a short walk.

Some Nutrients

This treat also comes with a few grams of nutrients. This includes protein, iron, riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), and folate. They, however, are very tiny amounts. So, don’t expect much health benefit from giving your dog rice crispy treats.

Possible Danger of Rice Crispy Treats to Dogs

Although safe, feeding your dog too many rice crispy treats could pose health risks.


Rice crispy treats include marshmallows to bind the rice crispies together. While typically safe for dogs, marshmallows also have little to no nutritional value.

To put it simply, marshmallows are not recommended for a canine’s diet. Some have too many unnecessary sweeteners that could damage their digestive systems and teeth. These may also be hard for your pet to digest. Feeding your dog too many marshmallows may cause vomiting, stomach aches, and digestive issues.

In addition, some marshmallows are also unsafe for dogs. Xylitol-containing marshmallows are highly toxic to dogs. If your dog ate even small amounts of these, they might experience vomiting, weakness, and seizures. As such, check if the marshmallows used in your rice crispy treats include this artificial sweetener.


Rice crispy treats have around 8 grams of total sugar content. Sugar isn’t entirely toxic for dogs. But eating a lot of rice crispy treats means your dog is also ingesting too much sugar. As such, this could lead to major health problems.

Dogs are prone to develop diabetes if they consume too much sugar. This occurs when the pancreas doesn’t create enough insulin to digest sugar effectively. If your dog has diabetes, then they should avoid eating sweets altogether.

Sugar may also cause your dog to gain weight, leading to obesity. Obese dogs are more prone to kidney and liver problems, respiratory issues, and heart complications.

If your dogs overeat sugar, they may become nauseous, vomit, have diarrhea, and lose appetite. In the long term, sugar may even disrupt their metabolism. Furthermore, it may also damage your pup’s teeth.


Rice crispy treats also contain sodium. This could be dangerous to your dog if they ingest too much.

High sodium intake makes dogs sick from dehydration. Dogs tend to drink extra water just to dilute the salt. This means that they need more water than usual. In addition, your dog may have difficulty urinating, and their urine may contain blood or other substances that indicate kidney disease.

This could also lead to hypernatremia, a condition due to excess sodium intake. This could pose threats of hemorrhage, swellings, and in severe cases, death.

Low in Fiber

The fiber content of rice crispy treats could be low up to non-existent. Hence, this is not an ideal treat for your pup. Feeding your dog too much of this snack might lead to digestive issues such as indigestion and constipation.

To avoid any issues, keep an eye on how much of this snack your dog eats.

Other Ingredients

Some rice crispy treats may also include other ingredients that aren’t advisable for your pup. Milk-based rice crispy treats should be avoided because most dogs are lactose intolerant. Also, avoid snacks with additional flavorings and preservatives that could be toxic for your dog.

Always scan the ingredients of the rice crispy treats and avoid giving your dog those that contain walnuts, macadamia nuts, raisins, chocolates, etc. You should keep those possibly toxic ingredients away from your pup.

What happens when dogs eat rice crispy treats?

Although harmless, feeding your dog too many rice crispy treats may result in issues. As such, limit how much you give them to a few bites and do not give them whole servings. Some symptoms that they may experience after too much of this snack are:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration
  • Constipation
  • Stomach Aches
  • Breathing Issues
  • Abnormalities in Urine

If your dog exhibits these signs, take them to the nearest vet right away.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Rice Crispy Treats?

Rice Crispy Treats are safe for your dog. None of the ingredients in plain rice crispy treats are toxic to them. These snacks are low in fat and calories and have other nutrients.

It’s not toxic to your dog, but it’s not healthy either. Your dog could safely enjoy this as a snack, but they will not gain many health benefits. This snack might also cause several issues for your dog.

Rice crispy treats are low in fiber which might cause digestive issues. Additionally, its sodium and sugar content could disrupt your dog’s metabolism and induce problems such as kidney issues, diabetes, and obesity. Some may also contain other ingredients and preservatives that are not advisable for your dog.

You might want to rethink whether it is worth feeding them some rice crispy treats. If you do give them a bite, remember to keep it as an occasional treat, not a meal substitute.

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