Can Dogs Eat Pork?

Have you caught your dog staring at you while you are eating pork and pleading you to give them some? You are tempted, but you aren’t sure if you should. Can dogs eat pork? Is pork healthy for dogs? When is it harmful to give pork to dogs?

Before you give in and offer your pup your leftovers, learn more about dogs eating pork!

Can Dogs Eat Pork?

Yes, dogs can eat pork. In fact, pork has a lot of health benefits to offer to your pup. First and foremost, it is an easily digestible protein source. Secondly, pork is rich in omega 3, which contributes to healthy skin and healthy joints. Additional amino acids also help the overall function of your dog’s body.

Moreover, pig organs such as the liver and the heart are packed with vitamins and minerals, including omega 3.

When Can Dogs Not Eat Pork?

Pork (as well as any other human food) is not a food which should replace your dog’s normal dog food. Always regard healthy human foods as snacks that your pup should only eat in moderation. All treats and human food should make up no more than 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake – the majority of their diet should be a high-quality, completely balanced, commercial dog food.

Further, although dogs can generally eat pork, some dogs with more sensitive stomachs may not be able to digest it because it’s relatively high in fat. Opt for alternative meat options such as chicken or fish.

If you aren’t sure whether or not your dog can eat pork, contact your vet.

How to Safely Feed Pork to your Dog

Since pork is an easily digestible meat, there are very few guidelines to follow. The most important thing you should remember is seasoning. Do not serve a seasoned, salted, flavored pork meal to your dog. Salt is generally very unhealthy for dogs. Other seasonings that include onion, garlic or chives are toxic.

Avoid processed pork such as ham, bacon, or sausages. They are very unhealthy due to the high amounts of oil, fat, and salt.

Cooked the plain pork fully and remove obvious fat. Moreover, when serving it, it is crucial to cut it into small, bite-sized pieces to avoid any choking. This is extremely important if they haven’t had pork before. Pork has a very attractive taste and smell which might make your dog want to eat it fast.

Finally, never give pork bones to your furry baby. Bones (of any kind, but especially cooked ones) can splinter in your pup’s mouth, stomach, or intestines – risking choking, tears, and obstruction in their digestive system.

Always monitor your dog after giving them something they haven’t had before. Look for any signs of stomach upset, diarrhea and vomiting, and lethargy. All these side effects may indicate that pork is simply not a suitable snack choice for your dog. Contact your vet if you aren’t certain whether or not you should give them pork. They can determine the answer for you based on your dog’s medical history.

Final Words

Dogs can eat pork but always serve it in moderation and infrequently. Moreover, always keep a close eye on your dog after you feed them anything, including pork, outside of their normal diet. While pork might be something that dogs can generally eat, your dog specifically may not have the stomach for it. For any concerns, call an online vet.

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