Can Dogs Eat Lobster?

It is known that lobster is very tasteful and also full of nutrients. However, lobster may be high in sodium and cholesterol, so it is not recommended to eat lobster in high amounts. If you like to eat lobster, it is best to do it moderately.But, what if you have a dog and you would like to give him a bit of this delicacy? Is it good for dogs to eat lobster? If you are a dog owner, you would probably like to know the answer to this question.In this article we will tell you if it is good to give lobster to your dog and we will explain you what may happen when your dog eats lobster. You can also read our article on chestnuts as dog food.

Is It Good For Dogs to Eat Lobster?

If you are wondering if your dog can eat lobster or not, now we will tell you the answer. Your dog can eat lobster, but it is not a really good idea. Lobster is not poisonous for your dog, but it will not bring him any benefits. Lobster and other seafood can only cause harm to your dog, so you should think well before you give him lobster.It is also important to determine the amount of lobster that you will give to your dog. Probably nothing will happen if you give your dog a small amount of lobster, but it is better to avoid this type of food.Below you will find out why you should not feed your dog lobster.

Why It Is Not Good to Give Lobster to Your Dog?

Lobster shells. First of all, we have to say that the shells of lobster may be too hard, so they may cause damage to the intestines of your dog. If you cannot avoid feeding your dog lobster, then we recommend you to remove the lobster shell. But, there are also many other reasons why you should not give lobster to your dog.High Level of Sodium. Other thing that you should know before you decide to give lobster to your dog is that lobster contains a very high level of sodium, which may not be good for your dog. Only one cup of cooked lobsters may contain about 700 milligrams of this chemical element and for dogs it is normal to consume only about 100 milligrams of sodium per day. Having this in mind, you can see that lobsters contain very large amounts of sodium, so you have to be careful.It is known that small amount of sodium is recommended to your dog’s health, but you should not use it in large amounts because it can lead to many complications. Giving crackers to dogs are okay in moderation for this reason, but too much of these that are salted and you risk exposing your pooch to problems. Actually, large amounts of sodium may damage kidneys of your dog. In some serious cases, if you give your dog a very big amount of lobster, it may cause coma in your dog. Sometimes it is also possible that your dog dies, so you should be very careful with lobster and other seafood that contains large amounts of sodium.High Cholesterol and Fat Levels. As we have already mentioned, lobster is very high in cholesterol and fat, which is not good for dogs. It is known that foods rich in fat may cause many health issues to your dog, such as the pancreas inflammation. It may cause big pain in your dog and sometimes it can lead to fatal consequences. You may not have known, but only one meal that contains large amounts of fat and cholesterol is enough to cause the inflammation in your dog’s pancreas. Because of that it is recommended to give only a small amount of this seafood to your dog.Obesity. Obesity is related to high cholesterol and fat levels in lobsters. So, if you give large amount of lobsters to your dog or if you feed your dog with lobster regularly, it may cause obesity in your dog. It is known that obesity may cause many other health problems, such as increased blood pressure, problems with the joints or even a heart disease.Allergy. Another bad thing that may happen to your dog if you give him lobster is shellfish allergy. This allergy may affect both people and dogs, so it is best to avoid feeding your dog any lobsters. If you have already decided to give lobster to your dog, then you should give him only a small amount of lobster and you should wait to see if there will be any symptoms of allergy. It may happen that your dog is allergic to lobsters and other seafood, so he may experience skin problems, diarrhea, etc.

Summary and Conclusion

To sum up, lobster is not poisonous for dogs, but this food can cause many health issues in your dog. We can say that you can feed your dog lobster, but only in very small amounts.However, experts recommend you to find some other food for your dog because lobster is not good choice at all. Probably nothing will happen if you give your dog a small amount of lobster but if your dog eats a bigger amount of this food, it may cause many side effects.As we have already said, lobsters are not good for dogs because they are loaded with sodium and they contain large amounts of fat and cholesterol. All this can lead to many serious health problems in your dog. Eating lobster usually causes problems with your dog’s kidneys and it may also cause gastrointestinal problems, allergies, obesity and many other complications. Sometimes this food may have fatal consequences for your dog.So, you should have in mind that eating lobster doesn’t have any benefits for your dog and it may cause harm to him. Because of that it is best avoid giving this food to your dog.We hope this article was useful for you, so now you can be sure that lobster is not good choice if you have a dog. It is better to find some other treat for your pet. But, you should keep in mind that foods rich in fat and sodium are not good for your dog.

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