Can Dogs Eat Lettuce?

Dogs are certainly amongst the most favorite four-legged fellows to many animal lovers. They deserve a lot of admiration, for sure. Dogs are truly amazing animals. Unlike some other friendly furry buddies they have distinctive feelings towards humans. We’ve shared the same shelter and food for thousands of years and dogs have remained our loyal companions, guardians and protectors since ancient times, when the World was still pretty wild and nature unpredictable.

Nowadays, that bound is still very strong, unbreakable, to say. Dogs are now our beloved pets, but also our faithful friends and helpers.

Nowadays, dogs are considered probably the most favorite pets all around the world. They are easy to tame and train, if you follow good advices and seek for experts’ information. There are various dog types and breeds, each characterized by different physical and mental features. For example, some breeds are extremely mild and gentle and suitable for families with children. Others are good for active young people with a lot of energy and time to run around and exercise. There are also breeds suitable to use in some rally important and serious professions, such as rescue and police services, for example.

Whatever the case may be, all dogs require certain conditions to grow healthy and be happy and satisfied. If we treat our furry, beloved buddies with all the necessary care and love, they will be very pleased, grateful and quite attached to us and our loved ones, as well. Each dog needs a proper and regular veterinarian care.

They also have to be fed well and groomed, depending on their individual characteristics. All dogs need to be active, as well, in order to grow healthy and strong. So, you’ll need to be aware of a commitment you’re about to take, if you consider adapting one of this beautiful and dear animals.

Feeding your canine

Feeding canines should not be a problem for you. If you are an inexperienced pet owner and you’ve never faced what is it like to take care of an animal, dog in particular, it is best you do some research and also ask an expert for advices. Most of veterinarians would warmly suggest you feed your dog commercial dog food products as a base of its diet. The thing is that commercial pet food is especially made and composed to meet each pet’s individual needs, depending on breed, age, physical condition, gender and more.

So, you have a great deal of high quality dog food to choose from. Once you’ve concluded what your dog should eat, you can also enrich its diet with some other viands as occasional snack or additions.

First of all, you should know how canines’ organisms function. All dogs originally eat only meat, but they’ve adapted to some other viands as well. Now dogs can eat food of plant origin, as well as meat. So, their diet varies, but that doesn’t mean dogs can eat everything. Their sensitive bellies can process some fresh fruits, vegetables and some other viands, such as grains, but in moderation. That means you can add some healthy snacks to your dog’s menu, but keep it in moderation. Don’t feed your pet leftovers or any processed human food. It will only do it harm, even if it might seem your pet enjoys eating some crackers, smoked ham, chocolate and such. The judgment over those is strict, don’t do that.

Keep to commercial dog food as a basic food for your pet and add some fresh veggies, fruits and especially made meals to enrich its diet and help its digestion.

As long as you follow the rules gained by an expert, there should be no problem at all and other food could be very useful occasional treat for your cuddly canine.

Beneficial fresh lettuce

Fresh and organically grown vegetables are usually safe for dogs. You may find your dog gets really curious about the salad you’re making and you thought it might like to try some fresh, healthy lettuce. There are many dogs that actually enjoy its fresh taste and love to eat lettuce. Lettuce is known to be healthy and great vegetables for humans. It gets us many health benefits, known to be great antioxidant, full of useful vitamins and dietary fiber. Lettuce is low in calories and considered one o the best choices for people trying to lose weight. You can also consider giving your pet cilantro.

Can your pet benefit from eating lettuce? Well, lettuce is not particularly necessary for dogs, but it is not harmful, either. It is completely safe to feed your dog any specie of lettuce, as long as you keep to its regular diet plan and not use it to replace your pet’s regular meals. Lettuce won’t get your pet obese or sick, so it is a good option to treat your pet once in a while. On the other hand, it is good for digestion, so it can even help your dear four-legged friend to reduce some stomach problems.

If you’re feeding your dog some good, green lettuce, always make sure you’ve rinsed it properly. It is best you use organically grown vegetables, free of harmful and dangerous chemicals. Your dog might like just its leaves, its crunchy parts or the whole of it.

Whatever the case may be, plain raw lettuce is safe and good for your pet. If you think of feeding it some of your salad leftovers, avoid it, if it contains dressing, spices, garlic, onion and such. Those could upset your pet’s sensitive belly.

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