Can Dogs Eat Ketchup?

Ketchup as a condiment has a regular or every day use in our foods. So, as a dog owner you’ve probably asked yourself is it ok to give ketchup to your dog, without him getting sick.

Many of us eat ketchup on regular basis, and in front of our pets, so it is interesting to find out whether it is ok for them or not. Some pet owners feed their pets with leftovers, that can be covered with these sweet sauces or other condiments.

What is ketchup made from?

This is a very good start for an answer we want to get. Ketchup, as a condiment usually contains tomatoes, garlic, onions, cinnamon, and also sugar and salt.

Besides these „good“ ingredients“, it also contains artificial supplements like xanthan gum which makes the paste thicker. So, basically, ketchup is not, what you would call, a healthy condiment. And it all comes down to the decision to feed your dog with things like that or not.

Take a risk or not

If your dog happens to eat ketchup it probably won’t hurt him. Things that can happen to him, are alergic reactions or even condition called hemolytic anemia. But you won’t know that until he tries it, so you  can decide to give him ketchup or not on your own risk.

If ketchup that you have given to your dog contains things like onion powder, a lot of sodium or other possibly dangerous ingredients, than his condition will be your responsibility.

Find a replacement

As a natural product, real tomatoes and tomato sauce is definetely a better choice for your pet. Since every beign needs quality food to survive and stay healthy, this also applies to pets. Tomatoes are very healthy. They can decrease the risk of heart disease, diabetes or cancer.

And also many other conditiones. As well as for humans this applies to pets too, soif you want to keep your friend healthy, make sure to choose the right foods.

Unknown danger threat

Since ketchup contains a lot of artificial ingredients. Some of them are mayonnaise, relish, salsa and mustard. None of these ingredients will make your dog feel that bad, but if you feed him things like this in the long run, it can make him really sick. Ketchup is also high in calories, so your dog might also become a bit chubby from all that bad food.

Condiments like ketchup are not native in your dogs diet so he will definetely have to adjust to eating things that his digestive system isn’t used to. Onion powder is also used in ketchup to bring to the flavor, and as you know, onions are toxic for dogs, and they can’t eat them. Sodium in ketchup can be found in large amounts, which is not prescribed as a daily amount for medium sized dogs.

Also, high sodium foods can make your dog more thirsty than usual and also increase urination, which is then again, going to be your peoblem.

When damage is already done

If your dog happens to eat ketchup, than you should keep a close look on him to make sure he is doing ok. If he shows any signs of sickness or doesn’t look like he is ok than you should definetely contact your veterinarian. Small amounts of ketchup won’t have a large impact on your friend, but you should avoid foods like that, for his health in the long to be sure that he is healthy.

So, in conclusion since ketchup is something that we as humans shouldn’t eat too much, to stay healthy, there is no difference when it comes to dogs. Their digestive systems are not used to food that we eat on regular basis and some of those foods can be harmful for them. Onions are, as you know, poisonous to dogs, so if that is the risk you want to take, than go ahead and do it.

Overall, it is best to give your pet food that is healthy, full of vitamins and other important ingredients, just to make sure he recieves his daily dose of everything that is good for him. In the end, he depends on your well judgment. Read about whether potatoes are good or bad for them next.

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