Can Dogs Eat Hot Dogs? (Solved!)

One way to keep your furry friend happy is to give them special foods to keep them eager to eat. However, what about hot dogs? Can dogs eat hot dogs?

Although hot dogs aren’t toxic to dogs, it’s still not a great idea to feed your dog them. Foods like hot dogs and sausage have additives in them, which means they’re not good for your dog. The added ingredients make hot dogs an unhealthy choice that should be avoided.

The rest of this article will cover why you shouldn’t feed your dog hot dogs, what to do if they eat a hot dog, if you should be worried, and other foods to feed your dog.

Table of Contents

  • Why You Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog Hot Dogs
  • What To Do If Your Dog Eats A Hot Dog
  • Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried If Your Dog Eats A Hot Dog
  • Other Foods To Feed Your Dog
  • Conclusion

Why You Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog Hot Dogs

Hot dogs contain added ingredients that make them high in fat. Although that makes them taste good, for dogs, this isn’t a good thing. Foods high in fat and salt, like hot dogs, are unhealthy for your friend. However, hot dogs aren’t toxic for your dog either, they just aren’t a good choice.

If you accidentally feed your dog a hot dog, or if they eat one on their own accord, this doesn’t mean you have to rush them to the vet. It’s not a healthy food for their nutritional needs, but it won’t harm them either. However, they will gain weight faster from eating fatty foods.

Both you and your dog shouldn’t eat raw hot dogs. Raw meat has bacteria that could pose danger to both you and your dog’s health. So no matter what, don’t let them eat hot dogs raw. Or any meat raw, for that matter. It’s unhealthy for both humans and animals.

Some other symptoms your dog can get from eating foods high in fat includes: upset stomachs, diarrhea, and vomiting. High-fat diets lead to this type of sickness, and if not taken care of, it can lead to more serious diseases like heart disease.

What To Do If Your Dog Eats A Hot Dog

The good news is that you’re not in any immediate danger. The odds are, your dog will be alright. Eating a cooked hot dog every once in a while won’t harm your friend. However, it’s when you keep feeding them hot dogs and high-fat foods that it becomes a problem.

Although it’s fun to spoil dogs, giving them meat high in fat is not a good idea. For starters, raw meat. As mentioned previously, raw meat carries bacteria, but it also doesn’t taste nearly as good. You’re better off giving them something lighter, like carrots or peanut butter.

You don’t need to rush to the vet after your dog eats a hot dog. Instead, just monitor them to make sure they aren’t throwing up or having diarrhea. If they are, comfort them and give them lots of water so they can stay hydrated. If the issues persist for more than one day, go to the vet.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried If Your Dog Eats A Hot Dog

Something important to point out is that high-fat foods aren’t death sentences. We humans eat it all the time, and although it increases risks of diseases like diabetes and heart disease, it’s not a guarantee. We’re allowed to eat high-fat foods in low quantities. So are dogs.

This is why you shouldn’t be worried if your dog eats a hot dog. As long as it wasn’t a raw dog, then your dog will be perfectly fine. If it’s a raw hot dog, you still shouldn’t worry too much unless problems persist. Still, try not to feed your dog meat like hot dogs and sausages.

Other Foods To Feed Your Dog

Although many meats are high in fat and not healthy for your dog, there is one meat that’s great: chicken! Plain, unseasoned chicken is great for dogs, especially dogs with an upset stomach. You can boil the chicken and give it to your dog. It’s tasty, unique, and helps their stomachs.

Another food dogs love is peanut butter. Peanut butter is safe for dogs to eat in moderation. Make sure there’s no added sweeteners or sugar. Unsalted peanut butter is the best route to go. A good way to do this is to fill a toy with peanut butter and freeze it, then let them lick it.

Pork and turkey are two good meats as well. Unseasoned, cooked pork and turkey are two alternatives that are much healthier. However, meat still has fat, so keep the amount you give them low and don’t overfeed them with it.

Did you know that some fruits and vegetables are good for dogs? Blueberries, bananas, and cucumbers are all good choices for dogs. Blueberries are a good source of fiber. Bananas, in small amounts, are good for their bone structure. Cucumbers are a low calorie snack.

The reason why these are so important is because they’re easy and cheap to buy, and they’re amazing for overweight dogs. It provides them with a tasty treat while also being healthy. Cucumbers in particular are good for dogs that are overweight!


Hot dogs aren’t a good choice for dogs to eat. Although not dangerous for the dog, a high-fat diet leads to an increase in risk of heart disease, and they’ll also gain weight much faster. It’s best not to feed them foods high in fat like hot dogs and sausages. Raw hot dogs aren’t good either.

You shouldn’t worry if your dog ate a hot dog. It won’t put them in immediate danger. However, do monitor your pet to make sure they don’t have persistent problems. If they keep vomiting, having diarrhea, and or stomach problems, take them to the vet.

There are plenty of other alternatives you can feed your dog. For starters, good meats for them are chicken, pork, and turkey. Boiling chicken is a perfect treat for dogs, and it helps their stomachs. Another food is peanut butter. Lastly, fruits and vegetables are great for overweight dogs.

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