Can Dogs Eat Green Beans?

Dogs are really cool four-legged buddies and we’re sure you think the same. Well, they are not just for our fun and play; they are sensitive and very delicate creatures that could make us the best friends for life. They have been faithful to humans all throughout our history. This unbreakable relationship seizes far back into the ancient time, when we helped each other get food, hunt and share warmth of the fire and shelter.

Since dogs originate from wild wolf-like animals that used to live in packs, as wolves still do in the wild, they have a natural sense of community and they like to have a group to belong to. That is why dogs make us ideal, loving and caring companions.

Since they are quite sociable, dogs don’t like to be alone. Every responsible owner should be aware of that fact. Even if you have a large yard and very good living space and surrounding that will please your pet, you should never leave it alone for long periods of time.

As mentioned before, dogs are delicate and sensitive animals. They would feel sad and depressed when alone. They are not just for our temporary fun and play, they are buddies for life! So, if you and your family consider getting a dog, make sure you have appropriate conditions for it and a lot of time and patience to nurture it way it deserves.

Well, there are many different dog breeds, but all of them require some same basic conditions in order to grow and develop healthy and be satisfied. They need space big enough to comfortably rest and play; they need proper and regular medical care, which considers some expenses for you as well. You should groom your dog according to its individual needs, feed it well and spend a lot of time playing, walking around and cuddling. Maybe even comfort it with aloe vera. If you are able to answer these demands, you’ll surely make yourself a wonderful friend and pet.

How to feed a dog?

Feeding a dog is not astrophysics. You just need to be aware your pet has certain essential needs to be fulfilled. Don’t feed it leftovers and human food, in the first place. Many not so well informed owners think their dogs would like their snacks, sweets, heavy meals and such.

In fact, they do like it, because dogs are quite gourmets and they would most likely eat just about anything! However, this is not amongst their brightest features. That is not good for them at all.

Dogs eat food of animal in the first place. They were carnivores once, like their wild cousins still are. However, dogs were domesticated a long time ago and, being much more attached to people than cats, which have also been by our side for millenniums, they adapted to food other than meat. Dogs can eat food of plant origin, as well. They can eat some vegetables, some fruits, grains, nuts, herbs and such, but only in small amounts and not so frequently. So if you’re thinking of feeding your dog peanuts, then do so as long as it is in moderation.

When deciding what food is the best for your pet, you should pay attention on all of its characteristics. Each dog’s diet varies depending on its individual characteristics, such as breed, age, gender, health condition and other factors.

The best advice is to go to see a vet and get well informed on your pet’s individual nutritional needs. Most of veterinarians will advise you to use commercial dog food as a basic food for your pet. Commercial products are good because they contain appropriate proportions of all essential ingredients a dog needs.

Beside dog food, you can cook some good, nutritional homemade meal for your pet, too. Carefully select only high quality viands and prepare it especially for your pet. That means using only quality meat, some veggies, fruits, grains and such and no additional flavors, spices, salt, sugar, preservative chemicals and other.

Are green beans good for dogs?

So, dogs can eat vegetables. They are generally good for their digestion, but they won’t get your pet so many benefits as it might get you. Dogs’ organisms are not originally designed to utilize material from vegetables, but they still can get some benefits from eating veggies, especially those on dogs’ friendly food list.

Dogs were only meat eaters once, but their digestive system adjusted to some other viands, as well. Some vegetables are actually quite good for them. If you consider trying adding some healthy veggies to your four-legged buddy’s menu, try some green beans.

Green beans are high on dog friendly vegetables list. They are safe for your pet and they can even get it some benefits. Green beans are actually the most nutritional sort of bean veggies. They are packed with valuable vitamins and minerals, as well as few other useful elements. Those could be good for your pet. The only concern about green beans and similar vegetables is that they are quite gassy, so you don’t want to overdo them, for sure.

As long as you keep to your pet’s normal diet plan, based on dog food, you can always add some occasional portions of green beans or mix it with a dog’s regular food.

So, a few advises on serving green beans to your beloved canine. The best way is to cook fresh, plain green beans and feed your pet. Raw vegetables are full of nutrients, but a dog could have really great difficulties digesting it, so it is to be avoided. If you use raw or frozen green bens and bake it or roast it, serve your pet only beans without additional fat, salt and spices. If you have some canned green beans, read the label carefully and don’t give it to your pet if it contains too much added salt or other additional ingredients.

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