Can Dogs Eat Crab Cakes?

Crab cakes are varieties of fishcake that have become popular across the US. Aside from crab meat, crab cakes also use different ingredients, such as eggs, mustard, mayonnaise, and bread crumbs. This dish can be prepared by sauteing, grilling, frying, or boiling. 

Because it’s mainly composed of crab meat, crab cakes are known for their soft, delicate, and sweet taste. It’s usually served as a side dish paired with Russian dressing, corn soup, mango puree, horseradish cream, or gazpacho. You actually have plenty of choices to choose from! 

For the answer posted in this article: Yes, your dogs can eat crab cakes but in moderation. The ingredients used in making crab cakes are generally safe for your fur babies. In fact, feeding them crab cakes provides the following health benefits:

Contains Lean Proteins

Crab cakes are an excellent source of lean proteins. This is an important component in your dogs’ diets as lean proteins form new skin cells and build muscle tissues. Protein also gives your dog’s energy and keeps their immune system strong as they age. 

Has Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Similar to other seafood-based dishes, crab cakes also contain omega-3 fatty acids. This mineral supports the brain development of growing pups, reduces inflammation in dogs with arthritis, and boosts the kidney and heart health of canines. Omega-3 fatty acids also reduce your dogs’ risks of developing cancer. 

Packed With Vitamins and Minerals

The health benefits of crab cakes don’t end there — it’s also packed with different vitamins and minerals necessary for your dogs’ growth and development. Crab cakes have vitamin B12, which is essential for your dogs’ brain and nervous system functions. Vitamin B12 also supports the formation of and growth of new blood cells, as well as maintaining healthy digestion in dogs. 

Giving your dog’s crab cakes as occasional treats also increases their zinc intake. Zinc supports healthy skin and fur, a stronger immune system, and good thyroid function. Dogs can’t produce zinc on their own, which is why it’s crucial to feed them foods that provide zinc.

Are There Any Risks of Feeding Your Dogs With Crab Cakes?

Crab cakes aren’t made for canines, which means that feeding your dogs with the dish can expose them to several risks, such as:

High Sodium Content

One single cup of crab meat contains 533 mg of sodium, an amount significantly higher than beef (one cup of beef only has 72 mg of sodium). A high sodium diet can cause poisoning in dogs and cause several symptoms, such as diarrhea, vomiting, depression, and seizures. 

High Cholesterol Content

The high cholesterol content of crab meat is another reason why you should never feed your dogs crab cakes regularly. The cholesterol in crab meat is higher than in beef or chicken. Such high cholesterol can eventually take a toll on your dogs’ cardiovascular health.

Can Trigger Allergies

Many canines are allergic to shellfish because it contains iodine. This is a common allergen among dogs that cause different symptoms, namely runny nose, watery eyes, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal problems. 

How Can You Prepare Crab Cakes for Dogs?

Before sharing crab cakes with your fur babies, make sure that it’s cooked thoroughly or baking it for at least 15 minutes. Cooking or baking crab cakes kills the pathogens and parasites found in crab meat that can cause your dogs to get sick. 

How Much Crab Cakes Should You Feed Your Dogs?

If you’re going to feed your dogs crab cakes, make sure that the amount doesn’t exceed 10% of their diet. Dogs have sensitive stomachs and can’t tolerate new foods immediately. Feeding too many crab cakes in one sitting can cause stomach upset and increase their risks of developing health conditions. 

Can Dogs Eat Imitation Crab Meat?

No, you should never feed imitation crab meat to your dogs. Crab meat isn’t really crab at all — it’s made from processed white fish and other additives that can cause different symptoms in dogs. Imitation crab also contains excessive amounts of sugar and sodium, which can trigger severe health conditions in canines in the long run.

How About Canned Crab Meat?

No, canned crab meat and dogs don’t mix well. Canned crab meat uses too many preservatives to extend the shelf life of the product. While these preservatives are harmless for humans, some of them are known to trigger cancer among canines. 

Talk to Your Vet First

Given the risks involved, always consult a vet before giving your dog’s crab cakes. Yes, this dish is generally safe for them but feeding them too many can lead to several symptoms. By talking to your vet, you’ll know the do’s and don’ts to follow when feeding your dogs with crab cakes. 

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