Can Dogs Eat Bran Flakes?

Cereal is a popular breakfast meal for many people. It’s delicious, affordable, and can easily make us feel full.

You might be munching on your Bran Flakes in the morning and your dog suddenly approaches you with those poor puppy dog eyes, begging for their fair share.

What are you going to do? Are you going to deprive them of the pleasure of trying out your tasty meal? Or will you give in to their plight?

There’s a good chance you’ll give them.

But are Bran Flakes safe for dogs?

Yes, Bran Flakes are safe and healthy for dogs because they are rich in fiber and iron. They also contain Vitamins A and C, which helps strengthen their immune system and digestive health.

These nutrients can also lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels while making them more energetic.

We will talk more about Bran Flakes in this article, along with their ingredients, nutritional content, and the pros and cons of feeding them to dogs.

What Are Bran Flakes?

Bran Flakes is a breakfast cereal brand containing small toasted flakes made from oat bran and wheat. This is further enhanced by adding more ingredients like binders and seasonings.

What’s nice about Bran Flakes is that it’s a low-calorie diet because a single serving only contains 110 calories. Its sodium and potassium levels are moderate, as one serving comes with 210 mg and 160 mg, respectively.

However, you shouldn’t feed your dog too much Bran Flakes because each serving has 23 grams of carbs and 5 grams of sugar.

Although these aren’t that high compared to other cereal brands, it’s still better to minimize your dog’s consumption to avoid obesity and loss of appetite. Nonetheless, Bran Flakes also has many Vitamins A, C, and iron, alongside its 3 grams of protein.

Are Bran Flakes Safe For Dogs?

Yes, Bran Flakes is safe for dogs because it doesn’t have toxic ingredients for canines. Bran Flakes are also healthy for dogs because it is a good source of natural fiber because they are made from whole grain cereal.

This can improve your dog’s digestive and cardiovascular health. Just make sure that you don’t add sugar or artificial sweeteners because these can upset their stomach and lead to higher blood sugar levels. Also, add warm water to soften the flakes.

Why Shouldn’t Dogs Eat Too Much Bran Flakes?


A serving of Bran Flakes contains 110 calories. Although this might not be that much compared to other meals and cereals, it is still a significant amount of calories that can add up fast, especially if they regularly overeat Bran Flakes.

Overeating Bran Flakes can lead to obesity and hypertension, which can complicate to more serious illnesses like dysplasia and diabetes. Limit the amount of Bran Flakes they eat daily to just twice or thrice a week.


Bran Flakes have a hard texture when you open them straight from the box. Although this is safe for people, dogs can easily get choked when they eat hard Bran Flakes because they tend to gobble the entire cup immediately.

You can prevent your dog from choking by adding warm water or milk to Bran Flakes because this softens their texture. Also, make sure that your dog is lactose tolerant, so they won’t have an upset stomach from drinking milk.

Loss Of Appetite

Dogs can lose their appetite if they eat too much Bran Flakes. This means that they won’t have any appetite for eating healthier foods like chicken breast and natural fruits, which have more nutrients than highly-processed Bran Flakes.

Dental Health

Dogs need to chew on bones to have healthier teeth. This gets rid of cavities on their teeth. Regularly eating Bran Flakes or other soft foods can cause cavity buildup because their teeth won’t rub on any hard surface, unlike when they’re gnawing on bones.

How To Give Bran Flakes Safely To Dogs?

Bran Flakes can easily be given to dogs because you can just pour them straight from the box into your dog’s cup or plate. However, you need to make sure that the Bran Flakes are soft by adding warm water.

This softens the hard and crispy flakes and makes it safer for dogs to eat because they won’t get choked. You can also add milk instead of warm water, which is more nutritious. Just see to it that your dog is lactose-tolerant to avoid digestive issues.

Use only plain Bran Flakes that don’t have sugar or artificial flavors and coloring. An artificial sweetener called xylitol is very toxic to dogs and can lead to death, especially if they consume too much.

So, Can Dogs Eat Bran Flakes?

Yes, dogs can eat Bran Flakes. These are safe and healthy for dogs because they are a rich fiber source that can help aid their digestive health.

Bran Flakes also contain lots of nutrients like Vitamins A, C, and iron, strengthening your dog’s immune system and making them more energetic. Just make sure that you don’t add any sugar or artificial additives.

Also, don’t give too many Bran Flakes to your dogs to avoid upset stomach pain, excessive weight gain, and dental issues. Although these aren’t a problem with Bran Flakes, it’s still better to stay safe and avoid potential issues before they can become a real problem.

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