Can Dogs Eat Beets?

There are plenty of reasons we love dogs. A cute cuddly puppy will always bring smile to our face, that’s for sure.  Your old and faithful four-legged buddy has certainly shared with you some of the most important periods of your life, the happy ones, as well as the sad and difficult times. It has certainly been by your side every moment you needed support and comfort. Dogs are extremely devoted companions, cute, intelligent and very loyal pets. That is mainly the reason we love them so much.

Dogs are quite passionate animals, to say. They can be lovely and adorable, but also very protective fellows. Dogs have been by humans’ side for millenniums, so they quite got used to our way of life. They help us do our daily business nowadays the same way they once helped us hunt and such. Those human friendly animals are often used in some of the most important professions, such as rescue services, police investigation, medical care and other.

However, the most of them are simply taken as pets. If you’re also consider of taking one for yourself, you should get well informed on a dog’s particular breed and all the conditions and care it needs. Some steps of nurturing a dog are the same for all breeds and types of these animals. They all need a lot of your time and all of your love and devotion. Dogs need to have a proper home and living space, quite a lot of activity, the best possible medical care, grooming and a good diet plan.

Good diet plan for dogs

All dogs need to have a proper diet plan, adjusted to the particular breed and other individual characteristics of a pet. If you want your cuddly fellow to grow healthy and strong, you need to provide it good eating habits and to meet all of its essential nutritional needs. Dogs eat different types of food, so you have to consult an expert and decide what the best solution for your pet is.

However, all dogs were carnivores once, just as cats still are, for example. Having spent a lot of time in company of men, dogs got used to human habits and different types of food other than meat. Their organisms slightly evolved to process some other viands as well, unlike cats, which are obligate carnivores still. This is the reason for many mistakes and misunderstandings of dogs’ nutrition. They are omnivores, but that doesn’t mean you could feed your pet just about anything you come up to. No, its belly is sensitive and it cannot process human food. It just adapted to some other viands except meat.

That means dogs need food of animal origin and of plant origin, such as some grains, fruits (learn about giving nectarines as dog treats) and vegetables. There is a great choice of various good and healthy products for dogs, which contain all of the necessary ingredients for a particular dog type. Those products contain well balanced proportions of essential ingredients your pet needs. So, ready made dog food should be the base of its diet.

Beside dog food, you should give your pet some additional veggies, fruits and grains and maybe some snacks once in a while. However, consult a vet first, so you don’t have to bother are you feeding your dog in a good and healthy way.

Healthy beets for dogs

Feeding dog vegetables could be a good thing, as long as you regularly keep to a well planned diet scheme for your pet. So, some extra veggies can be really healthy for your dog. When it comes to beets, yes, they are ok for dogs. Well, they are not known to cause any health problems, but they are not actually helpful. That means beets are fine, but not necessary. Sunflower seeds are also good.

However, it’s better to give your dog some beets than some sweets or your human salty and spicy snacks. Vegetables are usually not harmful treats for dogs, given in moderation.

So, keep to small, occasional amounts. First of all, see if your dog likes it or not. If it does, beets could be a good treat. When it comes to the way of serving and preparation, it is completely safe to give your pet some cooked or canned beets. Fresh beets are ok, as well. Avoid pickled beets or other forms of them, because your dog’s belly could be very sensitive to their acidity and additives inside the product.

Keep in mind dogs are animals and their organisms are designed to process only food they can find in nature. So, obviously, food with a lot of spices and such is not good for them.

So, the conclusion on beets. They are neither harmful nor particularly beneficial to dogs.

On the other hand, when choosing a treat for your furry fellow, it’s really better to serve it some good, healthy beets, than sweets, fatty and salty human snacks, as some irresponsible owners actually like to do.

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