Can Dogs Eat Bacon? Is Bacon Toxic for Dogs?

It comes as no surprise that dogs can eat pork. But consuming bacon is a different story. Although it might derive from the same type of meat, bacon is cooked and served differently from regular cooked pork. And thus, while dogs can eat bacon, it doesn’t mean that they should. Curious to learn more about dogs eating bacon? Read further and find out.

Can Dogs Eat Bacon?

Dogs can eat bacon. However, they shouldn’t.

Although bacon as a small treat given to them from time to time may be fine for most dogs, it is highly recommended that you avoid serving it to them altogether. Consider lean proteins instead such as cooked pieces of chicken or fish.

After all, dogs can seek bacon in commercial dog treats. It goes without saying that bacon-flavored dog treats sold at the stores are nothing like real bacon. However, they do not contain the harmful ingredients that regular bacon has and are thus safer treats to give to them.

Dangers of Giving Bacon to your Dog

Bacon is rich in fat and sodium. Fatty and salty foods are very unhealthy for your dog. Overconsumption of these foods can lead to obesity and other heart-related diseases. In addition to this, some dogs may have an extremely sensitive stomach and be unable to handle fatty foods like bacon – potentially resulting in vomiting or even life-threatening pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis is a serious inflammation of the pancreas in dogs. This is a result of digestive enzymes that attack the pancreas and it can occur when dogs consume too much fatty food. Due to the placement of the dog’s pancreas, enzymes may break down tissues from nearby organs like the stomach and intestines as well. Pancreatitis is a serious condition and often requires intensive veterinary treatment.

How to Safely Give Bacon to your Dog

First of all, you should talk to your vet before serving bacon to your dog. They can determine whether or not your dog can eat bacon to begin with. In addition, they can give you clear instructions including more accurate portions for your pup specifically.

Secondly, consider the right serving size for a dog treat. For small dogs, it should be a 1/4 strip, while for larger dogs a 1/2 strip is adequate.

Thirdly, since dogs can eat pork, consider cooking it and serving it plain instead. It is much more easily digestible and healthier for your dog, after all.

Remember, if your dog shows signs that they are unable to handle bacon, talk to your vet and do not give them any more in the future.

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