Your Dog Can Eat Blueberries — Share Smartly!

Blueberries are obviously both delicious and nutritious. They are fantastic — it’s no wonder you want to share with your dog!

Here’s the good news:

Blueberries are healthy for hounds too.

Want to toss your dog a few? Do it!

Just feed them in moderation and there is no harm done. In fact, the antioxidants may be beneficial.

You Can Give Your Dog Blueberries

It’s a great idea assuming you don’t get carried away.

Blueberries are certainly not toxic, but a whole bunch could upset your dog’s tummy. Feeding a few as an occasional reward for good behavior is the best approach to sharing.

Modest Pooch Portions

Limit the amount that you share.

Why is that?

Well, this goes for all fruits really. Your dog could get sick with an upset stomach or diarrhea.

Seven Reasons to Share

We are pro blueberries for pets for these reasons:

1. Low in calories and sugar

You know what makes for an ultimate dog treat?

Anything safe that has valuable nutrition and low caloric content.

Blueberry fits that bill. Fido won’t pack on the pounds.

2. Better brain health

This is often overlooked.

Pets are living longer. Your dog needs to stay sharp.

Regular canine consumption of blueberries has a positive effect on the brain.

This applies to young pups as well as those getting up in age.

3. Immune system support

Few people know that blueberries contain Pterostilbene.

This compound is really something special. It will strengthen your dog’s immune function.

4. Other nutrients

Blueberries are high in vitamin C. Manganese and vitamin K less so.

The fiber is what’s most desirable. It can assist with bowel movements.

Careful though!

Too many blueberries and doggie diarrhea could result. Keep that in mind.

5. Easy eating

Blueberries are one of nature’s bite-sized gifts.

Being small enough, they’re not a choking hazard.

Even in raw form, they are the ideal consistency for dogs to munch on.

6. Powerful Phytochemicals

Potent plant food for a pooch!

Canine cardiovascular health! Blueberries are heart healthy!

When dogs consume polyphenols they work hand-in-hand with antioxidants.

7. Antioxidant effects

Last, but not least, is the fight against free radicals (AKA aging).

Facts about blueberries apply to furry friends too.

Dogs getting antioxidants on the regular tend to live longer and healthier.

A huge factor is inflammation.

Blueberries are an anti-inflammatory; meanwhile so many dogs are suffering with arthritis.

How Many Blueberries?

So what’s the right amount to feed?

Here is are our suggestion:

Make blueberries a special reward or be consistently moderate with helpings. And think about mashing them up; adding the contents to your dog’s regular chow.

In other words, do not overdo it in one sitting.

Start out with a few. Observe for awhile. Eventually work up 12 blueberries or so.

That is a sensible approach.

Of course, the dog’s size is a consideration. Use your judgement.

The Bottom Line

Your dog can eat fresh blueberries. The antioxidants are particularly healthy.

There are benefits including a lack of unnecessary calories.

In moderation, blueberries are an awesome light treat for your dog. You picked a winner!

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